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How to Root Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer from China. They are becoming more popular day by day with their stunning handsets. We are aware of there handsets and I hope you so. They are trying their best to provide the best qyality and feature stuffed phone. With services like MIUI, cloud messaging & theme support they are […]

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How to Protect Android Phone from Malware

If you are thinking that what is malware and how to protect android phone from malware then this is the thread you are looking for. At first you need to know what is malware !   What is Malware? Malware is a specifically designed software which will disrupt or damage the computer system. Malware can […]

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How to Download Facebook Videos On Android

If you ever wanted to download Facebook videos on android then this article can help you. It is easy to download Facebook videos on android. There are many app in the appstore that claims that they can download Facebook video on android but they don’t. Most of the times there are problems in the app […]

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How to play mkv files on android?

If you want to play mkv files on android you can use these apps. Here are several apps which can play mkv files on android. BSplayer can play mkv files. It is one of the top notch android apps for playing video on android. It can play almost all types of video formats on android […]

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Can’t download from google play

Can’t download from google play What to do when you can’t download apps or update apps from Google playstore. I just faced this situation and that is why I had to write this article At first I restarted my phone but nothing happened. After doing some things I was able to download apps from Google […]

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How to connect external hard drive to android phone

How to connect external hard drive to android phone ?? Connecting external hard drive to your android phone is easy as eating pie. Though some phone might not support it and some might support but most of the new devices supports external hard drive. This process works specially if you want to connect external hard […]

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