Top Best Cases For LG G4 2015

LG G4 is an awesome handset with very powerful hardware. It’s 5.5 inches display with very beautifully crafted device is catching everybodies eye. It’s a beutiful handset and it should be kept as beautiful.

In order to keep the beauty of LG G4 , you can use case and covers. These cases and covers for LG G4 can protect your LG G4 from heavy drop, shock , scratches. If you are worried about the protection for LG G4 then we can help you.

We have picked some awesome cases for your LG G4. A friend of mine asked me yesterday “What cases can protect my LG G4” I laughed and said wait for tomorrows A2U post. Here I m with my new post about the best cases for LG G4. This thread will feature 5 best cases for LG G4 2015. There is a wallet case for LG G4 also. See the features and pick the best cases for your LG G4.

Best Cases For LG G4 2015


LG G4 Case , Spigen , Premium Case 

premium case for LG G4

Spigen is a very popular company who has been making premium cases for smartphones for long time. This is a premium case by spigen for LG G4. See the features below

Note: It’s not compatible with leather G4, but LG G4 (2015)
Color: Satin Gold, Champagne Gold, Gunmetal


  • Provides metalized button
  • Reinforced bumper protection
  • It’s TPU case can absorb shock
  • Hard PC bumper
  • It’s rubberized patter is stylish and makes it comfortable to grip

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Otterbox Commuter Series For LG G4 Otterbox Commuter Series For LG G4


This is a thin lightweight slider case which is made by Otterbox for LG G4. This is one of the toughest case made by Otterbox for LG G4. This 2 piece slider can protect your LG G4 from heavy drops, bumps and shock. There is a self adhesive screen protector which will guard the screen from scratches. This case is available in three color. This case can protect your LG G4 from dust and debris too. It gives you full access to all the buttons and ports while the case is on. You can easily install or remove the case. This is one of the best premium case for LG G4.

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LG G4 Case By Poetic [Heavy Duty] 

Best Case to protect LG G4

Poetic is another awesome cases and cover manufacturer who are on the block for a long time.

Color: Blue/Grey, Black, Pink/Grey, White/Grey


  • It’s dual layered construction will provide heavy protection
  • Hybrid TPU skin and poly carbonate frame provides maximum shock-absorbency for LG G4
  • Addon water resistant screen protector to stop scratches
  • Tactile buttons are sealed and port covers to limit dust accumulation

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LG G4 Case , Verus [Air Space Cushion] 

Verus Strong Case for LG G4

Just like the previous two manufacturers , Verus has been surprising us with their beautiful yet tough cases for smartphones.

Color: Verge Dark Silver, Verge Military Green, Verge Satin Silver, Verge Shine Gold

Note: Compatible with LG G4 leather Back model phones


  • It’s tough & slim
  • It’s hardshell construction with soft core provides awesome texture
  • Dual layer protects from Maximum drop
  • Protects from scratches
  • It’s Matt finished rubberized edges provides comfortable anti slip

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LG G4 Case By Rearth  + Free HD Screen protector 

LG G4 Case Dust and Drop Protection by Rearth

This awesome case is developed by Rearth. This is a dust and drop protection case for LG G4. This provides protection from shocks also.

Color: Fusion- Crystal View, Fusion Smoke Black


  • All around protection
  • Anti scratch technology to stop scratches to happen
  • Active touch technology to feel more natural responsiveness while pressing volume & power button
  • Free HD Screen protector

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LG G4 Wallet Case By Verus 

Wallet Case for LG G4 by Verus

This is an amazing wallet case for LG G4 by Verus. It has been made by Premium tow tone PU leather.

Note: It is not compatible with the LG G4 Leather Back Model Phones

Color: Layered Black, Layered Coffee, Layered Wine Red


  • 100% premium Two tone soft vintage style PU leather is used to make this
  • Built in card pockets can be used to store ID cards,credit cards
  • It’s Chamude texture inside prevents scratches

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