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How To Hide WhatsApp Images From Gallery Android

How To Hide WhatsApp Images From Gallery Android WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platform for smartphone users. People are now avoiding sms and they prefer to send texts on WhatsApp. It’s easy to find people on WhatsApp and people are chatting with their friends for hours. It’s not only offering texts […]

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How to Activate Calling Features on WhatsApp

Looks like Viber is going to face some competition from Whatsapp. There were rumors that Whatsapp is bringing calling features it it’s app and the matter of great joy is that it is available on the latest version of Whatsapp. If you are wondering how to activate voice calling features on Whatsapp then this thread will […]

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A list of major companies worth less than WhatsApp

  Today Facebook officially announced the acquisition of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an instant messaging and photo sharing application which is getting popular each and everyday while holding about 450 million active users per day. WhatsApp started it’s operation back in 2009 and raised only $8 million. Over the time they have become one of the biggest […]

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WhatsApp in Nokia Asha 501

  Now-a-days texting through SMS is declining where instant messenger are getting popular. And on this line WhatsApp is in the top of the mountain. Now WhatsApp is available in Nokia Asha 501. It was preinstalled and optimized for the handset. By using 2G or WiFi networks users can send messages,audio files,video files. Notifications will […]

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