Top 5 Best 20000mah Power Bank For Android and iPhone

If you are a traveller or on a journey or like to go outside a lot and don’t want your android/iPhone, smartphone or tablet to run out of battery juice, or you want to have enough battery juice for your digital devices than you can get a power bank. There are many types of power bank providing different levels of battery juice. However, today I am going to provide you the best 20000mAh power bank.

These are currently the most powerful,strong and best power bank in the market. If you have a 4000 mAh battery device then you can charge your device up-to 5 time, if you have a 2000mAh device then you will be able to recharge it up to 10 times. These power banks are really amazing.

Top 5 Best 20000mAh Power Bank For Android and iPhone

20000 mAH Ultra-slim Power Bank By Vinsic

best powerbank for android 20000mAh

This tops our list of best power bank of 20000mAh category. Some might consider this as expensive but hey it’s 20000mAh not 10000mAh. It has a great review at amazon at 4.55 out of 5. Meaning most of the customers are happy with it’s service. It’s elegant,powerful and it’s efficient also.

  1. Power juice : 20000mAh
  2. Provides stable power for every port
  3. Dual USB ports to fast charge two device simultaneously
  4. It fits for iPhone 6 5S/5/4S/4, ipad, ipod
  5. It fits for android phones: Samsung devices, HTC and other android phone
  6. Best power bank for tablets
  7. Can support game consoles also
  8. Safe charging system
  9. Over charge or over discharged problem solution
  10. Made of premium plastic and aluminum alloy construction
  11. It’s solid and it’s portable
  12. It’s built-in LED indicator allows you to know the remaining capacity easily

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20000 mAh Power Bank by Limefuel

Best 20000 mAh Power Bank for Android

Limefuel is popular for producing good quality power bank for smart phone or tablets. This is an another 20000mAh lithium ion battery. It can charge two devices separately. It got some awesome features described below. It has a bonus USB cable also.


  • 20000mAh lithium ion battery / power bank
  • Can charge two devices separately
  • It’s auto on and auto off technology preserves battery charge
  • Digital display shows the level of charge
  • Best power bank while travel,emergencies
  • stylish design
  • high quality battery cells in power bank
  • anti explosion , anti-discharge system
  • Bonus : Micro USB cable

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20000 mAh Power Bank by GJT

20000 mAh Power Bank for android or iPhone

GJT made this cool and stylish power bank. It is the best power bank for iPhone and android. It has 4 LED light to show the current battery status of the power bank. One of the best thing of this power bank is that it is 92% efficient.

  • industrial design
  • Best power bank for iPhone and Android
  • 4 LED light to show the current battery status
  • 20000mAh battery juice
  • High quality battery
  • premium quality
  • Industry grade material
  • 92% efficient battery cell

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Cheap 20000mAh Power Bank | External Battery 

cheap power bank 20000 mAh battery for android or iphone


  • Decent quality electric cell
  • Various color to chose from

Note: It’s cheap meaning it might not give you exact 20000mAh. Reviews say that it charges slowly. But hey it’s super cheap.

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22400mAh Power Bank with 3 ports by EC Tech

Best Power Bank 20000mAh iphone android samsung


  • Higher efficiency rate
  • Optimized fastest possible current
  • Lithim-ion battery cell with build in microchips to provide safety
  • Long lifespan then others
  • USB charging port
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, android device
  • LED flashlight shows power statusbuy from amazon

These are currently the best power bank to recharge your android,iphone or ipad or android tablet or your digital device. I hope that these power bank might suffice your need. Let’s explorer, or go outside or go for tracking and never run out of battery because you got the best 20000 mAh power bank with you.


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