Best Cases For Huawei Honor 6

Best Cases For Huawei Honor 6

Huawei is an awesome handset by Huawei. It is a premium quality handset and it has a beautiful body. With a big screen , come the responsibility of protecting it. Hence, we are here to offer you a list of best cases for Huawei Honor 6.

#1 .Dayjoy Luxury Elegant Ultra Thin Flip cover for Huawei Honor 6

Honor 6 Case

Available in more than 10 diffrent color this case will provide all the protection your Huawei Honor 6 need. It is slim and made of premium leather. It provides a view window also. It’s perfect cut-outs will allow you to use all the features of your Honor 6. It provides protection from bumps also.

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#2. Amzer Skin FIt case for Huawei Honor 6

Amzer Huawei Honor 6 Case

This awesome cover is provided by Amzer. It has matte finish. You can use all of your ports and features while using this case. It’s easy to install on your phone and it’s cutouts are more than perfect. It’s made of TPU and it provides great support about drops and scratches.

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#3. Sojitek : Crystal Clear Transparent Plastic Cover Case

best cases for Huawei Honor 6

This case is resistant to abrasions, scratches & shattering. This awesome case is transparent color and it’s downside is that it is made of TPU plastic. However it is a very cheap case and available at more then 5 colors.

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#4. Nilkin Matte Hard Phone Case + LCD Protector 

Case for Huawei Honor 6

Fully compatible with Huawei Honor 6 . It;s ultra thin and provides excellent protection from scratches and drops.

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