How to Run Android Apps on Chrome

How to Run Android Apps on Chrome

Like Facebook Google is trying their best to capture your whole internet usage time at their service. Their android OS has become on of the best and most popular Operating systems in mobile. There are millions of Android apps on their Playstore and they are trying to let the chrome users to use them also. Google has been trying for a long time implement such things to run android apps on Chrome. However, the wait is over and you can start using android apps on Chrome using a Google tool named ARC Welder.

Recently Google published a developer tool named App Runtime for Chrome. This tool is designed to allow the developers to port apps from Android to Chrome OS. Even though Chrome and Chrome OS has some native apps, but the number is very small comparative to android.

ARC Welder is a developer tool which can be used to to try out your own Android apps on chrome OS or Chrome browser. It can be found at Chrome store.

how to run android apps on chrome

 Note that ARC Welder is only for developers. In order to port the Android App to Chromebook or Chrome OS , this tool is implemented. However these ported apps will be glitchy and might not work perfectly.

Download APKs:

Google does not allows the users to download APKs but from Playstore. However, there are sites that provide APKs and one of them is . Head over to this site and you will be able to download apks from there. Let’s download an apk from there.

You can download any apk you want. One thing that need to be mentioned is that ARC Welder supports on app at a time. As a result you can’t run multiple apps same time. However, when you open the app you will be asked to name the apk you are using. Options are quite straight forwarded. You can set whether o open the app in landscape mode or portrait mode.

At-first I tried the MX player and it failed to play video files because it was unable to access my hard drive. As It was made for the android system and it failed to work when it had no default phone memory or sd card function. Then I opened a puzzle game named Lazors and it worked pretty good. I was changing the positions of blocks through the mouse gestures but I was happy with the way it worked.

Remember that it is not stable yet and Google is trying their best to make it a good one to allow the developers to port their apps for Chromebook and Chrome. I hope you liked the article , if yes then please follow us on our Google+ page.


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