Does the S23 Ultra Come with A Screen Protector?

The advent of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has made waves in the global smartphone market. The launch of this high-tech gadget has garnered much attention for its advanced features and improved design, which have raised users’ expectations. Among these are the device’s dynamic AMOLED 2X display, enhanced camera system, and extensive battery life, among other impressive specifications. However, this article will focus on a commonly raised query: Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra come with a screen protector?

Screen Protector Status for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

At the time of its release, Samsung did not announce that the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a pre-installed screen protector. The trend of Samsung providing factory-fitted screen protectors started with the Galaxy S10 and lasted till the S21 series. However, it appears the tech giant has decided to halt this practice with the Galaxy S23 series, including the Ultra model.

The omission of a pre-installed screen protector might come as a surprise to some consumers. After all, high-end smartphones such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with their large, vibrant displays, arguably need the extra layer of protection that a screen protector offers. However, it seems Samsung might have taken this step due to the increased durability of the Gorilla Glass Victus+ used on the S23 Ultra’s display, which provides enhanced resistance to scratches and drops.

Screen Protectors and After-Sale Options

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra does not come with a pre-installed screen protector, it doesn’t mean the screen is unprotected. The device’s screen uses the latest Gorilla Glass Victus+, which is touted as the toughest glass on a smartphone. This ultra-strong glass has been tested for scratch resistance and robustness, ensuring that it can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Nevertheless, numerous aftermarket options are available for those who want an added layer of protection. Consumers can purchase a variety of screen protectors designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, from tempered glass to TPU film protectors. These screen protectors can add additional peace of mind and help protect the device’s display from accidental drops or scratches.

Samsung also offers its official accessories, including screen protectors that are designed to fit the S23 Ultra perfectly. Moreover, some Samsung retail outlets or service centers provide screen protector application services, ensuring the protector is installed correctly without bubbles or dust underneath.

While the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra does not come with a pre-installed screen protector, its robust Gorilla Glass Victus+ display greatly prevents everyday wear and tear. For those desiring additional protection, a plethora of aftermarket options are available. Even though this decision by Samsung may seem like a step back for some, it should be remembered that the choice of whether to use a screen protector depends on individual preferences and the level of care one is ready to invest in their device. Considering the device’s inherent durability and available options for added protection, the Galaxy S23 Ultra still ticks the box as a top-of-the-line smartphone offering in the current market.


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