How To Boot Into Recovery Mode in Google Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X is a newly introduced smartphone with lots of powerful hardware. This handset is already grabbing a fare amount of the market share and expected to grow for certain time.

If you are into the rooting or clocking your android smartphone then you need to know how to boot your Nexus 5x Into the recovery mode.

You can use the Stock Recovery mode which is running 100% stock Android firmware. However, you can use other custom Recovery like TWRP, CWM to flash the Custom ROMs.

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How To Boot Into Recovery Mode in Google Nexus 5X

You can load the Stock and custom Recovery version in the same way.

  1. At first you need to turn off your phone
  2. Then press the volume down and hold it , then press & hold the power button. Please don’t release the button
  3. until the Fastboot Mode appears on your device
  4. Now, use the volume buttons to highlight the “recovery Mode” option
  5. After that, press Power button to confirm the “recovery Mode Boot”
  6. An android logo will appears and a red exclamatation (!) mark will be hovering over it
  7. Keep holding the “power” button and then press & release the Volume Up once
  8. Right after releasing the Volume up , your Nexus 5X will go to the Recovery Mode option

Once you are in the recovery mode many things can be done. Like you can “factory reset” the device, wipe cache, install new flashable zip files and more.


However, if you have rooted phone and using custom ROMs then there are some apps which can take you straight to the Recovery mode. Such apps are like :

  1. QuickBoot
  2. ROM Manager
  3. TWRP Manager

I hope you have successfully booted your new Nexus 5X in to the recovery mode. Now you can do tweaking like flashing or other stuff. Let us know if you face any types of troubles.


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