How To Boot Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Recovery Mode

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is relatively new to the market. It has already created a buzz in the market and many people already bought this fantastic device.Today we are here to teach you on how to boot Samsung Galaxy S& Edge in recovery mode.

By using the recovery mode you can do amazing kinds of stuff like wiping the various partitions, wipe cache, wipe data from both internat or external storage app updates from the storage or from caches and many other things.

What’s more, if your Galaxy S& Edge is rooted, you can use the Custom recovery mode to flash new custom ROMs, kernels,etc. Usually custom recovery modes are TWRP or CWM builds.


Important Notes:

  • Check whether this will void your warranty or not
  • You are doing this at your own risk
  • We are not liable for any type of damage
  • You are proceeding at your own risk

How To Boot Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Recovery Mode

There are two ways to boot your Galaxy S7 Edge in recovery mode

Method 1

We will use hardware buttons to boot into the recovery mode of Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. Switch off the phone completely
  2. Once the phone is off, press and hold the Volume UP, Home and Power buttons at the same time
  3. Now you need to hold them for a while and only release the buttonw ehen the recovery mode options are loaded on Galaxy S7 Edge
  4. Voila!!! Now you can use the recovery mode of Galaxy S7 Edge

This will work for both stock and Custom recovery image.


Method 2

We will use thrid-party apps to boot in to the recovery mode of Galaxy S7 Edge

Requirements: Your Galaxy S7 Edge need to be rooted

Step 1: Open Google Play store

Step 2: Search Quick Reboot App or other similar apps

Step 3: Install on your Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 4: launch the Quick boot app from app drawer

Step 5: See the Recovery option? Tap on it

Step 6: Now confirm root access and then confirm the reboot to recovery mode

I hope that these two methods will help you to boot your Galaxy S7 Edge on the recovery mode. Note that, if you are usign recovery mode to flash any new files in Galaxy S7 Edge and you get into trouble while loading, then you may need to boot in the recoveyr mode and doa  factory reset. Note, doing a factory reset will delete all the installed apps in the process.


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