How to Check Blood Pressure on Android

How to Check Blood Pressure on Android

How to Check Blood Pressure on Android

Do you want to check your blood pressure on your android phone or tablet? If you are serious about your health then you should always keep a track of your blood pressure. If you are ever been to doctor then he might have asked you about the trend of your blood pressure. It’s good to have a report of your blood pressure.There are apps that can check your blood pressure and keep a track of it. Yes, technology and science is awesome. I am keeping my blood pressure records on my android phone. It’s very easy to measure the blood pressure through these apps for android. Let’s see how to measure blood pressure and how to keep a track of it.

Blood Pressure

measure blood pressure on android

This app can collect & analyse your blood pressure measurements. Beside this it can measure connected activities also like pulse, drugs taken, physical effort & weight also. I am definitely gonna keep using this awesome app.


  • Pulse
  • Diastolic
  • Systolic

Specialty: Graphs of these data

How to use it: Just put your fingers on the flash light , that will suffice

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