How to Connect Android Tablet to TV using HDMI

How to Connect Android Tablet to TV using HDMI

How to Connect Android Tablet to TV using HDMI cable

Do you ever wanted to connect your android tablet or phone to TV ? If yes, then this thread is going to help you to connect your android tablet or phone to connect with TV using HDMI cable.

I know tablets are enough for one person to watch movies, but what if you want to share the movie with other people on your house? Yes , in that case you might want to share the screen or movie with the people through the TV. TV screens are big and nobody would have to squint their eyes to see what’s happening on the screen. So let get started with the process.

There are several ways to connect your Android to TV & monitor , but today we are going to talk about HDMI connection only.

Now a days all the TV’s has HDMI port. This process will not work if you don’t have a TV without HDMI port. However, it is very unlikely to not have an TV with HDMI port. I am pretty sure that your TV has one also. Game consoles also uses HDMi technology , so it is very common now. HDMi provides HD video & audio simultaneously. As a result you don’t have to worry about whether the sound will be on the TV too or not. HDMI will not only transform the screen to the big screen but also offers the sound also. You don’t have to worry about that. It’s all taken care of. This might be very interesting for you to know that HDMI is output is an advantage than android users have over iPad.

For your information there are three types of HDMI plugs available on the market. There are regular HDMi plugs. As you can see the Type A is the full Size HDMi which is available for Laptops, monitor & big screen TV. However, sockets of your tablets and phones will be either the Type C and Type D. Type C is the Mini HDMI and the Type D is the smallest type of HDMI port. However, these HDM sockets are really cheap. These will cost your from £5 to £10. Let’s see the steps about how to connect android tablet to tv using hdmi.

HDMI plugs


  1. Start your Android tablet
  2. Start your TV
  3. Plug the TV’s HDMI port with the HDMI cable and plug your android tablet also
  4. Done . You will see the display of your android tablet int your TV

Buy the Cables from Amazon :

  1. If your handset has the TYPE D port then buy this  (10 feet Cable )
  2. If your tablet has Type C port then buy this cable (15 feet ) (6 Feet )


  • If this is not working check whether the cable is firmly plugged or not
  • If you are facing problems then you should check the HDMI settings at Display> HDMI Settings
  • Before making connections check the input your TV is using. It should be set at HDMI.

What to do if your android phone or tablet has no HDMI port or not even miniature HDMI port?

There are ways to connect your android tablet using Slimport. Follow the link below to know how to connect android device to TV with SlimPort



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