How To Enable Surround Sound Mod On Nexus 5x

If you are avid fan of music you will know what surround sound means. It’s an old system modification which gives the illusion of sound coming from several different places. This is actually called surround sound which can be found on android devices too.

Most of the android phone and tablet comes with one speaker for listening songs or to hear on the loudspeaker.

Having a surround sound system on android phones are no luxury if you follow our trick. This will work with the Nexus 5x.

In this trick , we will enable the main speaker and the little speaker which is at the earpiece. By enabling these two it will make a surround sound effect which will be made as the sound comes from two different sources at the same time.

We can do this via two different method.

Method 1 : Install custom Recovery like TWRP , then flash a custom zip files
Method 2 : Note, this requires root access. We will extract the zip file and will move all the file to this > system/etc . Then we will set the correct permission to the rw-r-r

We will show you to use the method 1 to use.

Download Surround Mod On Nexus 5X

Surround mod file for Nexus 5x

How to install Surround Mod on Nexus 5x

Step 1: Download the mod file above. After downloading ; move it to the internal storage of your phone
Step 2: Turn off the Nexus 5X. Now press volume down & power keys at the same time. This will boot your phone into the TWRP
Step 3: Take a nandroid backup , just in case if anything goes wrong
Step 4: Now Tap on the install and navigate to the surround sound mod file. After selecting you need to swipe to flash the file
Step 5 : reboot your Nexus 5X.

Now , you need to open the music player app in your phone and play a song. You will see that the sound will come from the main speaker along with the ear piece. This will make it a surround sound system. Enjoy the surround music and share with your friends.


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