How To Fix Bluetooth Issue On LG G4

LG G4 is an amazing handset with many features. It has a brilliant spec with a brilliant body. This smartphone has become very popular, and many people are using this phone.

Even though this is an amazing handset but this smartphone has some problems too. Some of the users have complained that they are having a trouble of pairing their LG G4 with the Bluetooth device or car system. They are seeing random problems like missing song titles or other related issues related to Bluetooth. Having trouble connecting your LG G4 via Bluetooth to other devices or system? Follow this tutorial on How To Fix Bluetooth Issue On LG G4.

How To Fix Bluetooth Issue On LG G4

What to do if songs title are missing? If the songs title is missing, then we request you to disable the LG Music App. To disable LG Music App Go to the Settings, then General, then Apps on the All tab.

If that solution is not working then follow these solutions:

1. Go to settings> General > Smart Functions > Smart Settings and check whether anything is causing trouble to Bluetooth
2. Use the manual of the Bluetooth device or car system and follow the instructions to pair the device properly
3. Try to power both the system for five minutes
4. If you have used too many Bluetooth connections then, you try to delete old profiles in your phone / Bluetooth device/car system
5. Head over to Settings > Networks> Bluetooth In your LG G4. After that tap on the settings for the device which you are having troubles connecting. Now forget the device by tapping on it’s name. Try to remove the Bluetooth connection name from the Bluetooth system for car or device.
6. If nothing works then give a try to this app and check whether it works

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