How To Fix Home Button Not Working On Samsung Galaxy S6

My brother uses a Samsung Galaxy S6 and he was happy with it’s service for the past few weeks. Yesterday he came to me and told me that the Home button is not working in his Samsung Galaxy S6 (international variant). He told me that it was working perfectly and suddenly it stopped working. Even though there are warranty yet I tried to solve it. I just followed some method to do this and late did a factory reset and it worked in his handset. Let’s see some of those methods which might fix home button not working issue in your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.


1. Did you tried a simple reboot? Whatever happens try to reboot your phone or tablet first .If there is any small problem than it will go away. I did this on my brothers phone and worked easily.

2. Did you tried to make it work by going to the safe mode? If not then you are requested to do that. Sometimes our handset’s functionality gets hampered by the installed app. Thus you will be able to know whether it’s a hardware issue or problem on any app

3.¬†Use On screen software : Even though this is not a true fix but it surely will do the work for you. In this way you need to go to Settings> Dexterity and interaction > Assistant menu. Once you are here toggle the switch to “ON”. You will see a hovering circle with a window of 4 panels in it. If you select it , then it will show a new window of four options including the hardware buttons functions on the screen. You can use it if home button is not working anyway.

4. If you are using rooted phone then try to flash a new custom ROM. See if that works

5. Send to warranty or to the repair man. Since anything is not working a final solution is to get it repaired.

This same thing can be used if back button is not working on Samsung Galaxy S6.


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Martin - 6 years ago

This morning the Home button stopped working on my S6. Actually, for a short time pressing it would bring up the Google app, then it stopped working altogether.

I tried 1 and 2 in the list above, to no avail. It would actually help if this list included the actual steps to force restart your phone, as that took some digging to find (the power button had stopped working too).

Eventually I force restarted the phone and the Power button was working again but not the Home. I had resigned myself to getting the phone repaired, but a last ditch Google search found a thread that suggested wiping the Cache Partition. I tried that and now my Home button is working again.


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