How To Fix The Low RAM Issue On Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

How To Fix The Low RAM Issue On Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note is a veyr powerful handset which has very powerful hardware. Despite of having powerful hardware it is facing some unusual problems in this handset. This beast phone has 4GB RAM yet it is facing low RAM issues. However, this problem occured because of the aggresiveness of Samsung’s over aggressiveness with the settings of apps. This actually allows the Note 5 users to have better battery life yet it is frustrating for the users that they can make the best out of this beast.

You can use multi window and use two powerful apps on Note 5 but you will not face any lag. This is where the Galaxy Note 5’s 4GB RAM stands for. However, this awesome handset has some problems when you use an app and then close that app , open another app and reopen the closed app. In that case this app will be loaded whole again, which is quite embarassing. We want fast loading of apps which can be reduced by following this tutorial on how to fix the low RAM issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Reddit users have informed that this problem is found in almost all Note 5 and thus we are understood that this problem occured from the TouchWiz. This problem can be solved via the Galaxy S6 RAM Solution that was found in AndroidCentral. This aggressive background closure can be fixed by following this tutorial.

How To Fix Low RAM Issues in Samsung Galaxy Note 5


You need to have root

Note : Rooting your device will void your warranty

Tutorial On How To Solve the aggressive settings on Low RAM Usage on Galaxy Note 5

1. You need to have ES File Manager installed on your phone. Open the ES File Manager and then go to System. Then search for a file named “Find build.prop” . Now open this file using text editor which need to be modified

2. We need to find this code and change the value to


3. Now add these line in below:


4. After adding those line you have to delete some of the line too


5. After doing these, you need ot save the buil.prop file and then you need ot reboot the Galaxy Note 5.

After rebooting you will notice that the low RAM usage issue is fixed and Note 5 will not aggressively close the background apps like before. This solution has been found working by the different forum members and reddit users.


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