How to Install Android 5.1 Lollipop in Xperia Z (Yuga) via OmniROM

How to Install Android 5.1 Lollipop in Xperia Z (Yuga) via OmniROMSony has not released any information about the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Sony Xperia Z (Yuga). There is not time limit of when the update will arrive. However, there is a popular developer from XDA named Olivier already released an ANdroid 5.1 Lollipop update for Sony XPeria Z (yuga) via unofficial OmniROM.

This was released at 29th march at XDA forum. This ROM is still under development meaning there might be bigs and problems in the ROM. However in the future updates those will be fixed as per the developer says. However, if you are waiting too long for the Android 5.1 lollipop update on your XPeria Z (Yuga) then you can always install CM12.1 based Lollipop ROM on it.

To check the the changelog and Bugtracker you can follow OmniROM developer portal.


  • You are doing this at your own risk
  • Warranty of the device will void if you proceed
  • Take a proper backup of every important data and store it somewhere else to restore it later
  • We are not liable of any damage caused by this ROM installation. You are fully responsible for proceeding.


  • Charge your Sony Xperia Z (Yuga) to atleast 80%
  • Backup your data and settings by using a popular custom recovery tool like CWM or TWRP
  • Download correct driver for your phone and install them in your computer
  • Enable USB debugging . To enable USB debugging go to Settings > Developer options and check usb debugging
  • You have to have the bootloader unlocked and the device need to be rooted with CWM recovery installed


Android 5.1 Experimental OmniROM for Xperia Z (Yuga)

Google Apps

How to install Lollipop on Xperia Z (Yuga) using OmniROM

1. Download the files that provided before

2. Connect your phone with coputer and mount Xperia Z’s USB mas storage with a USB cable

3. Copy the downloaded OmniROM zip file to the root of the SD card of the phone

4.Power of Xperia Z and disconnect it from PC

5. Boot the device into Recovery mode by tapping the Volume up/down button when the notification LED is Pink

6.After entering into CWM Recovery, do a full data wipe by selecting wipe date/factory reset. Use the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select.

7. Now, do a Wipe Cache Partition

8. Perform Wipe Dalvik Cache also. In order to do this go to ‘advanced’ option and click Wipe Dalvik Cache. This will help you preventing boot loop issues / boot ROM error durin this firmware installation

9. Return to the main recovery menu.

10. Chose Install Zip from SD card

11. Lets click “Choose Zip from SD Card“. Use the volume keys to navigate to the OmniROM zip file that you copied into the root of the SD card of Xperia Z. Use the power button to chose it. Now, confirm the ROM installation on the next screen. You will see that the installation process will start. Just like this way install the Google Apps also

12. Right after installing the OmniROm on and GoogleApps on Sony Xperia Z (Yuga) go to “+++++Go Back+++++” & select Reboot System Now in the Recovery menu.

13.Your Sony Xperia Z (Yuga) will reboot and it should take a long time to load for the first time. So , have patience.

14. Voila . After the booting you will notice that it is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop via OmniROM custom ROM. In order to check the firmware version you can go to the Settings> About Phone.

Source: XDA


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