How to Install MIUI 7 ROM on Redmi 1S


MIUI 7 succeeded the footsteps of MIUI 6. This new MIUI 7 ROM was introduced to the market at last month and it has been doing really great. This ROM has been ported to more than 70 devices and thousands of people are already using this MIUI 7 ROM in their devices.

MIUI 7 has become veyr popular withing short term for having a similar UI like iOS and the ROM itself is veyr colorful * features vividness. If you remember MIUI 6 then you must know that it runs on the Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S and it will get the MIUI 7 eventually. However if you don’t want to wait then we got good new for you. Developers around the world has already started porting this MIUI 7 ROM for Redmi 1S as they manufacturer were too reluctant to do it by themselves or taking too much time.

Today we will teach you How To Install MIUI 7ROM on Redmi 1S. We will provide you essential downloadable file and steps to install MIUI 7 On Redmi 1S.
Note that this ROM is based on kitkat and UI is similar to the MIUI7. Note that this project was discontinued at v5.8.13. However, a developer has still updated it. It is now v5.8.22. It is upto you to install any of these in your device.


Note: Even though users have informed it is stable but it might has some problem since it is under construction.


  • This MIUI 7 ROM is compatible with the Xiaomi Redmi 1S . This process should be used on Xiaomi Redmi 1S only.
  • Custom Recovery like TWRP should be installed in your Redmi 1S
  • In order to have the Google apps you need to flash them via recovery
  • Have the proper drivers of Xiaomi Redmi 1S installed in your PC
  • Charge your Redmi 1S to atleast 70%

Important Note:

  • Doing this will void your warranty. You are doing this at your own and we are not liable for any kind of damage to your handset.
  • Please take a backup of all important data , all the data except the files from internal storage will be removed. It’s better to take a nandroid backup so you can go back to previous state if anything goes wrong

Download MIUI 7 ROM 

  • Download | MIUI 7 ROM 5.8.13 for Redmi 1S
  • Download | MIUI 7 ROM 5.8.22 for Redmi 1S

How to Install MIUI 7 ROM on Redmi 1S


  1. At first you need to download the MIUI 7 ROM from the link above. After that download the KitKat Google Apps if you want.
  2. After downloading the files , transfer it to your Redmi 1’s internal storage. Please remember the location where you are storing the file
  3. Now, reboot your phone to the Custom Recovery Like TWRP. In order to go to the custom recovery you need to press & Hold the volume down & power keys at the same time.
  4. Please take a nandroid backup of the ROM so that if anything goes wrong you can go back to the previous state. In order to do that, tap on the backup option in TWRP & then select following elements: System, Data , Boot, Recovery , EFS and then swipe right if applicable to do the backup.
  5. Now you need to go back to the TWRP main menu / Home Screen again and tap on install option. Now navigate to the ROM file & select it.
  6. Now, you need to swipe the confirmation button to proceed the installation. After that the ROM will be installed.
  7. After this, if you want to use the Google Apps then you need to flush the Google Apps Zip . Go to TWRP & then tap on install option. Then navigate to the Google Apps Zip file & select it.
  8. Now , swipe the confirmation button to install the Google Apps on your Redmi 1S.
  9. After doing this don’t forget to reboot your phone.

Now you can enjoy MIUI 7 in your Redmi 1S. Enjoy !!!


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