How To Make Timelapse Video With Android App

How To Make Timelapse Video With Android

Instagram has released hyperlapse which is available for the iPhone users only. We the android users are eagerly waiting for instagram to release it for android. However, we the android users don’t like ot wait but to improvise. We have searched a lot and found that some apps can make hyperlapse videos on android. These are basically hyperlapse alternative. These app can make timelapse videos in android.

Even though these apps can make timelapse videos in android , but these apps are not using the same technology used by the Instagram on Hyperlapse. These apps will help you to create amazing timelapse videos without any serious hassle.

These are 5 alternative of Hyperlapse for android. You can make amazing timelapse videos with these apps. Let’s see the apps which can make timelapse video on android. Don’t wonder how to make a timelapse video rather hop on these app and make a timelapse video.

How To Make Timelapse Video With Android App

1. Lapse It

Lapse It

Lapse It can make amazing tipelapse videos for you. They gives you the conrol when you are shooting the tipelapse video. You are allowed to change the settigns like white balance, ISO, Resolution or other stuffs. This amazing app has lots of post capturing features which makes the video more amazing. The lower the number of intervals, the more shots are captured through the process which in turn shows more changes.

If you are shooting for timelapse then after the recording press the stop button. Note that you can even pause the recording to record another scene. This app will allow you to edit your timelapse, such as by applying effects and trimming the video length too. You can add music to the video also. This feature is not available to the Hyperlapse app. Great part of this “Lapse It” is that it allows you to render your timelapse specifically to upload to the instagram.

2. Hyper Timelapse

Hyper Timelapse
It is quite like the Hyperlapse app. This is like hyperapse for android. It makes you shoot the video first then set the speed of the timelapse later. You are allowed to set the speed of the frame rate from 2x to 8x with the latter being the fastest. Though it’s a good app but it needs to give us more option. Since this is still new to the market we are expecting more options from it. You can share many timelapse via different social media platforms like Instagram or messaging apps.

3. Framelapse


This timelapse video making app for android allows the user to control your settings before recording. With it;s Wizard Mode you can set the frame interval. If you are not sure about how to operate then this wizard is very useful to you. Set video duration properly. There are some drawbacks of using this timelapse app. First drawback is that it does not allow allow you to share the video via Instagram. However, the mp4 video file is in very good quality. Secondly you should not keep any notifications coming. You should turn on the airplane mode.

4. TimeLapse

TimeLapse app for android

TimeLapse is a simple hyperlapse app for android. Basic settings can be used to set interval, resolution and limit the photos captured. You can start recording. You are allowed the change the scene by pausing the recording and shifting your focus to somewhere else. Just press stop when you are finished shooting. Just press the encode button to render it for sharing. Note that there is a problem with this app that it doesn’t save the previous videos. Whenever you shoot a new video it will tell you to delete the old one. This app allows you to share the timelapse videos via different social site and messaging apps.

5. Overlapse

Overlapse App for Android

It’s a very different timelapse app available in android which can make amazing timelapse videos. It is quite different from the other apps. You have to manually press the capture button to shoot the images. This actually makes the app more amazing. It allows you to take amazing timelapse videos over a period of days, months or even for a year. You can make amazing stop motion videos with these app. If you want to create different or several videos at one time you can save the images in different project file. If you want to share your timlapse video then you have to sign up for the Overlapse account. This app allows you to share the fiel in different medium but currently not in the instagram. I hope they bring it soon.

 If you have any other alternative for hyperlapse alternative for the android then please do share them with us. If you are making any amazing timelapse video then please do share them with us in the comment section.


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