How to Remove Chrome Tabs from Recent Apps

Google has been tweaking with the android OS for long time and they will keep doing it. Some of the tweaks are really good and some might be bad in many sense. Recently Google has made a change which will make your Chrome Open Tabs to look like an individual app.

If you are using the multi tasking button then you will see that each tab is parceled out as if it were an individual app. The advantage of this system is that you can easily go back to the tab you are looking for but sometimes it can be annoying too.

However, they tried to keep it simple but putting the site title and icon at the bar but I started to feel that it is not for me. SO I have to figure out that how to go back to previous chrome open tab like desktops. Today I am going to teach you how to re enable the chrome tabs like before in android.

How to Remove Chrome Tabs from Recent Apps

How to Remove Chrome Tabs from Recent Apps

If you want to go back to the way you are used to then you need to open the Chrome and go to the Settings > Merge tabs and apps. Just flip the feature off. You will be given a notive that the tabs will move to the tab switcher on the chrome app. However, this way you get the opportunity back to close all the apps at once by going to Settings > Close all tabs. 

If you want to use the merge tabs and apps feature then you can go back to the settings and change it again.


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