How to Unroot Oppo R1L

How to Unroot Oppo R1L

If you are reading this then you might have come to a point that you don’t like the rooting function or the phone might not be performing well or may be you want to go back to the stock or you are going to sel it. However, unrooting Oppo R1L will taka away your root access to the device meaning you will not be able to do the custom moding stuff unless you root Oppo R1L again.


  • This guide is for those Oppo R1L users who have rooted Oppo R1L with iROot , oterhwise it might not work or you might face some problems.
  • This rooting process requires using windows PC
  • It will remove the root access meaning you will be able to do tweaking stuffs
  • You are responsible for any damages to your phone during thie unrooting, proceed at your own risk


Download the iROot and install it

How to Unroot Oppo R1L

Step 1: You need to download the software above

Step 2: After installing the software , launch it

Step 3: Now turn on the USB debuggin on your handset. To do that go to settings> Developer options > put a check on the USB Debugging box .

Step 4: COnnect your device with PC using a data cable

Step 5: This tool will check whether the device is rooted or not and it will show appropriate options

Step 6: If your phone is rooted it will shows A unroot option.

Step 7: Just click on it and it will start unrooting your device

Step 8: Now disconnect your phone from the PC and reboot your device

Step 9: when the device boots you will see that it is unrooted.

If you want to re root your Oppo R1L then follow this guide on How to Root Oppo R1L


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