POWER A MOGA Pro Power Review

Day by day gaming on android is becoming very popular. Now a days many popular game developers are releasing games for android. To be honest I play a lot of games on my Nexus 7 and I love it. In order to maximize my gaming experience, I bought some gaming controllers. One of them is Power A Moga Pro Power. Today I will provide my review on Power A Moga Pro Power.

Power A Moga pro Power is a very popular gaming controller among android users. This gaming controller can transform your smartphone into a gaming console.


POWER A MOGA Pro Power ReviewPOWER A MOGA Pro Power Review


Power A Moga Pro Power controller’s design and button layout is made such in a way that it will help you to play games as like as you play on consoles. It’s buttons are strategically placed thus you can play game for long hours.


In spite of cheap price, this controller managed to offer all types of features you will ask from a controller. It can be connected via the Bluetooth and it even charges your phone if connected via the cable. With a D-Pad, four action button, dual analog sticks, and rear trigger buttons; this controller supports a lot of android games.

Moga Pro Power can be connected via the micro USB-B cable which will charge your phone while playing . This allows you to play games for longer time. It’s buttons are so responsive that you won’t stop gaming till the battery lasts. I have played games via Power A Moga Pro Power for several hours and I wasn’t tired. It’s comfortable and increase your gaming experience.

Our Rating : 4.8/5

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  • Console sized design
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Dual clickable analog stick
  • Responsive control
  • Tablet stand provides secure positioning
  • Wireless play with bluetooth
  • Strategically placed button
  • Comes with a tablet stand (at the time of writing)
  • 2200 mAh battery charges your phone while you play (Moga boost & micro-B USB cables included)
  • Excellent gripping system
  • MOGA S.M.R.T. Lock Arm can securely attach to your phone 


  • Due to full sized design, it is less portable than others
  • Connectivity problem occurs sometimes
  • slightly expensive

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