10 Best Siri for android : Best Alternatives of Siri App For Android

Siri is an iOS virtual assistant who has been very popular among users. Since Siri is available for iOS users only, Android users had to look for other virtual assistant software. If you are looking for Siri for Android, then you must have been disappointed to find out that Siri is not available for Android. We searched for the best alternatives of siri, and we are going to share some of the best virtual assistants for Android.

What is Virtual Assistant App?

Virtual Assistant apps are those apps who can help you to organize your works, schedule your meeting, give a reminder about events, managing daily routine and tasks and other stuff. The virtual assistant app can help you to search stuff also, like searching for a song or movie to watch. These apps are there for you to minimize your task and to do the work efficiently.

How to Get Siri For Android?

Is there a Siri for Android?  Now, We are sorry to inform you that Siri is not available for Android because it is an exclusive app for iOS users. However, there are some other awesome virtual assistant apps for Android and these alternatives for Siri app will do the same work for you.

How To Choose the Best Virtual Assistant App for Android?

We are sharing the useful features of these excellent Virtual Assistant app. All you need is to read this article and figure out that which one will suffice your need. Some of these virtual assistant apps has their own unique features, and some outperform other like Siri. I hope you find the best siri alternative for your Android.

10 Best Virtual Assistant Apps For Android


Assistant for android

This is a free siri like virtual assistant for android. This app uses natural language technology to answer your queries. It can find useful information for you, it can schedule meeting time for you. It does amazing things like sending messages or setting clock. There is an avatar builder where you can set the avatar also. One special thing is that this is a free virtual assistant app. It is totally free and it is blessed with these amazing features. It has multi language supports , meaning it can talk in many different languages like English, German, Spanish, French and etc. You can even use this assistant with smartphone , tablet or even laptop too.


Skyvi [Siri like assistant]

Skyvi (Siri like assistant)

Skyvi is a siri like assistant for android. From local business to celebrities, skyvi knows almost everything. She can tell jokes ,s search internet, send messages or call. Twitter and Facebook integration possible with this app. You can update your status or you can make this app read your friends wall. This amazing app can give you directions, weather information , play music and etc. Skyvi is an amazing digital assistant you can have. This is a siri app for android.

Google Now

Google Now

I am pretty sure that you have used Google now already. In case if you have not used this amazing virtual assistant app then you need to download and check this. This app has many many shiny features like siri and it is going to be strong day by day. There card based features to remind you to inform you about the happening of your choice. This app can take reminder, play music, browse and do lot’s of stuff. Check this 100 Google Now Voice commands list to have an idea. From weather to stock exchange new this app is going to surely thrill you.



Vlingo is a very rare virtual assistant program which doesn’t rely on Google’s voice recognition software. It has covered all the basic stuff. It is average in speech recognition system. If you want it to perform correctly then you have to utter words very clearly. It searches online upon your speech direction. Remember it can do the basic stuffs like calling, texting or directions. If you are looking for a complete set of functions or more versatile functions then Vlingo is not the one. However, it was average for me.


JeannieI have seen this apps name in various system and given a thought to try this app by myself. When I installed and checked this app by myself, I was amazed of the performance of this app. It is a very powerful voice assistant that you can have for free in your android phone. It usually understands every word and can respond to it very easily. This app can send emails, open apps, find online for information or news, show weather reports, call contacts, send messages. It has some limitations too in the free version. There is a pro version which you can purchase at$2.99.

Microsoft Cortana cortana

Cortana is product by Microsoft who is quite similar to the Google Now. It has many features like searching online, reminding, emailing, messaging , launching app and many other useful stuff. It is one of the virtual assistant app which can be connected to Microsoft wearable : Microsoft Band. Microsoft band is a fitness tracker. If you want to see more about cortana or download the apk then go here: Download Microsoft Cortana

Robin The Siri Challenger

robin the siri challenger

Robin claims itself to be a siri challenger. However, this app is mainly focused on driving assistant and she is veyr good at it. It gives you hands free locations, directions or navigation. It can provide parking info beside calling and texting. Robin can update your social media also. Robin’s speech recognition system is quite faster then other though it has some more improvement to do. You should give a try to robin if you are mainly looking for a driving assistant.

Pocket Assistant

pocket assistant

Pocket Assistant is a 3D modeled virtual assistant app where you get to talk with a charming model named Brainy. She is always there for you to solve your problems. This is a siri like application for android which can easily do multitask in various ways. From weather forecast to alarm clock setting this Girl can make calls and send sms too. Just like other apps it can take notes and give reminders also. She can play music or movies for you to. If you feel bored you can ask her to read jokes for you. That’s one heck of an assistant for sure.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

indigo virtual assistant

Indigo is a mobile assistant who are happy to be there to help you. It is quite different than others as it can be talked like a human being. It can understand jokes, all you have to do is t talk with her just like a human. She can tell jokes, read headline, play music or movies, set meetings on calendars, make reminder , translating and many other. You can even find restaurants with this app. There is a whole list of features that she possesses. You need to check their Playstore link to read all of them by yourself.

Eva Intern

Eva Intern

Eva Intern is a voice based assistant for android. It uses it’s text to speech technology and it uses your voice to make it a hands free powerful device. You can wale her up bu shaking the phone only. It has basic features like making calls, reports, stock quotes, locations, going to browsers, or making lists or opening calendar and etc.


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