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How To Do Hard Reset on LG V10

  How To Do Hard Reset on LG V10 Doing hard resets on your android phone is very easy. This simple process is used to fix normal issues like slow android phone, boot lops, lags , force clses , overheating problems and more. Doing a hard reset on LG V10 will definitely make it fast. […]

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How To Enter Safe Mode On LG V10

How To Enter Safe Mode On LG V10 Safe mode was first introduced by windows in case of fixing siftware related issues and later it was introduced to android also. If you are experiencing any problem on your android phone’s software, you can always go to the safe mode for trouble shooting. We will see […]

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How To Go To Download Mode on LG V10

Going into download mode of an android smartphone is not a tough job. It is recommended to learn how to enter the download mode of your android phone as it is needed to keep the phone updated and safe your phone from malicious apps. Requirements: It is required to take a proper backup of your […]

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