How To Enter Safe Mode On LG V10

How To Enter Safe Mode On LG V10

LG V10

Safe mode was first introduced by windows in case of fixing siftware related issues and later it was introduced to android also.

If you are experiencing any problem on your android phone’s software, you can always go to the safe mode for trouble shooting. We will see how to enter safe mode on LG V10.

It is requested & recommended to have atleast 50% charge on your LG V10 before going to the safe mode. If the phone turns off while booting safe mode then it might get daamaged or may be bricked.

How To Enter Safe Mode LG On V10

1. Atfirst you have to turn off your LG V10
2. After that you need to press once on the power button to see the Reboot or Boot options
3. After that you need to select and hold the power off option
4. Now keep selecting it til the Turn On Safe mode is appeared
5. Now , select the same and you have to wait till your device get automatically rebooted into the safe mode.


This is how you access the safe mode of LG V10. Leave a comment below if you facing any kind of trouble.


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