How To Go To Download Mode on LG V10

LG V10

Going into download mode of an android smartphone is not a tough job. It is recommended to learn how to enter the download mode of your android phone as it is needed to keep the phone updated and safe your phone from malicious apps.


It is required to take a proper backup of your all important data. There are several ways of taking a backup and you can do this via following this thread.

How To Go To Download Mode on LG V10

  • Atfirst you have to turn off the device first
  • After turning down your V10 you need to press the power button & select “power off” or press & hold the same Power button for few moments
  • Now press & hold at the same time, the power & volume down buttons – keep pressing the keys for three seconds.
  • Now, while holding the keys you have to connect the smartphone with the computer via USB cord
  • Now, you will be shown the download mode on your LG V10. After that you need to release the volume down & power buttons.

How to Enter Download Mode on LG V10 with hardware key

1. Turn off your phone first
2. Now , press & hold the Power button , volume up & Volume down button
3. Now press the button for more than 5 seconds
4. Now you will be shown a hardware key control mode

Thus you know how to enter & use the download mode on your LG V10.



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