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How to Turn Off Auto Correct On LG G4

Auto correct option is invented to reduce the pressure of creating spelling mistakes. However, sometimes auto correct can be annoying. If you are one of them and want to stop the auto correct to function you can follow this article If you want to disable the auto-correct function on your LG G4 then we can […]

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How to turn off in-app sounds in Facebook on Android devices

If you are a Facebook user and you use Facebook an your android phone with Facebook app, then you must be annoyed to hell with the in app sounds of it. Facebook’s mobile app for android is full of annoying sounds like the app sounds, reloading sound, status sent sound or the notifications. If you want to disable these annoying in-app sounds of […]

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How to Send Contact Number instead Of Vcard

How to Send Contact Number instead Of Vcard There are times when we have to send a friends or families contact number to another person on mobile. However, if you don’t memorize the number then you will send the number by attaching the contact number from contacts. However, it makes this a Vcard which might […]

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How to Activate Calling Features on WhatsApp

Looks like Viber is going to face some competition from Whatsapp. There were rumors that Whatsapp is bringing calling features it it’s app and the matter of great joy is that it is available on the latest version of Whatsapp. If you are wondering how to activate voice calling features on Whatsapp then this thread will […]

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How to do a factory reset in android ?

How to do a factory reset on android One of my friend from my work asked me how to do factory reset in android. Well, doing factory reset in android operating system is really easy. We do factory reset for many reasons and most of the times for setting everything to default. However before factory […]

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