How to Send Contact Number instead Of Vcard

How to Send Contact Number instead Of Vcard

There are times when we have to send a friends or families contact number to another person on mobile. However, if you don’t memorize the number then you will send the number by attaching the contact number from contacts. However, it makes this a Vcard which might not be opened on the receives phone. It is better to send the contact number through simple text. Default sms app can’t do that and it keeps sending that Vcard. This might be very frustrating in some points. This is why this thread will help you a lot.

Long way to do this: Go into the contact and edit it > long press it to highlight the number > copy. Go into the text messaging app and paste it into the message you want to send.

If you want to send the contact number as plain text but not Vcard then you can take a screenshot or memorize the number and write it instantly. However, this might be problematic for you and you might be looking for an easier solution. You can send contact number through plain texts by using an app named Handcent. Handcent is a messaging app which is capable on many outstanding things. But we will not talk about those things rather we will focus on how to send contact number instead of Vcard. It’s simple, you just have to select the recipients number and  tap on “attach contact number”. It will show two options : plain text or Vcard. You will chose the plain text and it will scrape the Name of the contact and the number only. Thus you sent contact number instead of Vcard.

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