Disadvantages of Rooting Android Devices: Why You Should Not Root Android

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There are advantages of rooting your Android phone, but there are disadvantages also. Android OS is the most used OS in mobile industry. It is still expanding to different sectors. As a being newbie in the market they already proclaimed themselves as the king of the market. There are many reasons behind it and rooting is one of them. Android’s rooting allows it to reach the highest power of the handset. Rooting will open many opportunities for your handset but it will bring some problems also. Today we are going to talk about those issues ; how rooting can be dangerous for your handset & how rooting can cause troubles to your android phone or tablet.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Devices: Why You Should Not Root Android

There are many reasons why you should not root your android device , but we will talk about the important ones. Let’s start with the warranty:

#1. It voids your android devices warranty:

If you are new to rooting then you should know that rooting will void your warranty of the handset. If you just bought the handset and used for only one month, yet the warranty will be void. So it is good to root your handset after it’s warranty expiry date or at-least at the last quarter of the expiry date of the handset. These android manufacturers tries their best to make sure that you can’t hide about rooting. If you root your device, then they will find it in anyways and the warranty will be void. So before rooting you should know about what you are doing and take the risks by yourself.

#2. Fault in Rooting will make your phone brick

If you are new to rooting are and make a mistake in the rooting process then your phone might become brick. You have to follow proper instructions again to fix your android handset. This is why you should take tips from your friends about rooting. If possible ask your expert friends to do root for you. However, bricked phone can be fixed also, but it’s an extra pain. I will suggest you to read a lot about the rooting process of your android device, and beside reading you should watch some videos also. It will not only help you to understand the procedure but to direct you through it also.

#3. Will Expose your Phone to Extra Security Risks:

Rooting your android device will make your phone more weak to security risks. If you are using custom ROMs then you need to do a proper research about those custom ROMs. This research will not only help you to understand the functions of the ROM but also the security functions, including the security hole also. Rooting will pen new features for you but it will make you phone vulnerable also. Since, it will not only make your android more customizable but also it will expose the smartphone to security risks. If there is any malware app installed in your rooted device and has the root access then it might cause troubles including stealing your phone’s valuable data.

#4. Rooting is not for noobs:

If you are new in rooting then you will have to download stuffs and read a lot about rooting your android handset. There are different system of rooting for different handsets and thus these systems need to be remembered and executed differently on different devices. As we have said already that doing root might cause problems if it is not done perfectly. You need to follow the process smoothly and correctly , otherwise your handset will become brick. I will suggest you to read a lot before rooting.

#5. Android is stable and performing better then before:

We used to do root to unlock the beast mode of android. However, now a days the stock android is powerful enough to full fill your need. As a result , the rooting is becoming less important then before. There are very few things that can’t be done without root. Manufacturers and software makers are well aware of the needs of the customers and they are planning according to them. As a result they are trying offer more powerful OS than before. Coming Android OS’s are becoming more powerful day by day and they are just becoming beast. If you are not  apro then you don’t need to do rooting because the manufacturers are already providing close he highest power of the android device.


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