How To Fix Facebook App Connection Lost On Android

How To Fix Facebook App Connection Lost On Android: If you are using Facebook app on android then you must have faced that annoying problem when you have active internet connection yet the Facebook app says “connection” lost. This is pretty embarrassing and this sometime can be very annoying. However, there is an easy fix which will allow you to fix this “connection Lost” issue very easily and we are going to talk about that now.

How To Fix Facebook App Connection Lost On Android

How To Fix Facebook App Connection Lost On Android

Step 1: Always update your Facebook app from the Google appstore. Facebook is also trying to fix the bugs and that’s why they are continuously updating the app in a regular basis.

Step 2: Now go to the Settings from app drawer or notification menu and follow this Settings > Manage Application > Now chose Facebook app and clean Data. Try to login now. If the problem persists then follow next step.

Step 3: let’s uninstall the Facebook app first by going to Settings> Manage Applications > Downloaded > Chose Facebook app and select Uninstall. After that if possible clean the cache with app like “Clean Master” and then download the Updated Facebook app from Playstore

Step 4: If the problem still exists then I would say to look for a previous version which was working fine in your mobile.

Step 5 : If nothing helps then you can try to use the Facebook Lite

Step 6: Let’s reboot your phone and if possible try a factory reset.

I hope these solutions can help you t get back to the scrolling of Facebook news feed. If you have any other solutions then please mention in the comments.

If nothing is working for you then I would say that you should try to use the Facebook in a browser. I know this is not a proper solution but hey ! you are able to use Facebook at least.


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