Download iOS 9 Stock Wallpapers in FULL HD

Download iOS 9 Stock Wallpapers in FULL HD

Apple has always been providing amazing wallpapers with it’s new OS. Apple is once again in the court with their new iOS9 with a massive list of features. iOS 9 is coming ot the market with lots of new features like improved siri, new command for siri, more updated map , updated keyboard and many others. This is the first time they are introducing the split screen offer which was never introduced before. In multi tasking mode you will be able to split the screen in two part.

iOS 9 is comparatively smaller than the iOS 8. It is only 1.3GB while the iOS 8 was 4.6GB. However it is available for the developers now only.

We have provided the main stock wallpaper which is in 2706×2706 resolution. This is really a big size wallpaper which will surely amaze you. We have added the picture in jpeg and PNG (High quality) also. However, we have made a pack of all the 15 stock wallpapers of iOS 9 and they are simply amazing. Note that in the pack most of the stock wallpapers are from iOS9. We will have to wait for the update for more stock wallpapers. These stock wallpapers are really colorful and I am really enjoying them.

Download iOS 9 stock wallpapers in full hd

Download iOS 9 Stock Wallpapers in FULL HD

Download iOS 9 Stock Wallpaper Pack (15 images) in Full HD


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