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Want to download Download Google Pixel Camera APK? You are in the right place as we share you the way on how to install Google Piel Camera apk on your phone.

Google Pixel is one of the best smartphones of this year. Google has always wanted to have a smartphone which can do amazing things. Google Pixel is welcomed by a lot of android enthusiasts for it’s amazing specs and brilliant camera.

Google has recently started delivering the Google Pixel to the consumers. The people who pre-ordered are getting this amazing smartphone. Reviewers and people who already own this amazing smartphone has agreed on one thing: Pixel’s camera is amazing.

Google has done a brilliant job on the Google Pixel Camera. If you don’t have a pixel phone yet, or not want to own one in near future, then don’t worry, you can use the camera app of Pixel.

Developers have already started working porting, and there is already a Nought 7.0 system dump on the pixel. It actually took a very small time for them to do this thing.

As Google is proudly saying that the camera of Pixel is the best in the market, it will help you to take better photos with your phone.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL comes with the Google Camera V4.2. This is the latest version of the camera version from android. Despite the fact that it is from Google, this camera app is not available for other smartphones. It is designed for Nought 7.1 only.

So, if you are scratching your head over and over to use this camera app, you are in luck. The developers at XDA has always tried their best to port different exclusive apps for other users, and this app is no exception.

They have extracted the app from the Android 7.0 Nought. However, there’s a catch, you need to have a Nexus phone. Otherwise, it won’t work.


You need to have a Nexus phone or this apk won’t work on your phone.

Download Google Pixel Camera 4.2 APK

Download Google Pixel/Pixel XL Camera v4.2 APK

Download Now

How To Install Google Pixel Camera?

Follow these quick steps to get Google Pixel Camera on your phone:

  1. Download the file above
  2. Transfer to your phone
  3. Allow sideloading or third party apk installing
  4. Open a file manager
  5. Navigate to the download folder
  6. Open the Googe Pixel Camera APK
  7. Voila !!! You have successfully installed the Google Pixel Camera on your phone

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