Download Stock Wallpapers of Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

Google has been trying their best to invade the hardware mobile market for a long time. They recently launched the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. These two amazing smartphone took the market by storm. With lots of new features, and amazing hardware, they are here to stay.

Google Pixel comes with a new assistant named Google Assistant. Google has tried their best to make this app better than any other available app on the market.

With stunning metal body and high-resolution display, Google Pixel / XL is selling like a hot cake. Despite the fact that they are android, they are priced highly, and not everyone can afford an upgrade.

If you belong to the second group just like me, then you may want to take advantage of the stock wallpaper of the Google Pixel. Google has released some amazing stock wallpapers with these new phones.

Pixel comes at 5 and Pixel XL comes at 5.5 inches. These 1080P amoled screen has a high resolution with a 441 ppi and 534 ppi respectively.

If you want to download the stock wallpaper of Google Pixel / Xl, check the download button below. We have provided 19 wallpapers in a zip file. These wallpapers are in 2880x2560 pixel resolution. Since the resolution of the images are high, the pack is big in size, 137.8MB to be precisely.

Download Stock Wallpapers of Google Pixel and Google Pixel XLā€‹

There are also two separate files which are extracted from the Google Pixel system dump.ā€‹

Not all of these stock wallpaper of Google pixel are awesome, but some of these are stunner. If you are in love with any of these google pixel stock wallpaper, mention them in the comments section below.



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