Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has been in the market for quite a few months. People who are android enthusiasits are quite bored with the same look over the few months. As a result there are some available custom ROMs for S6 and S6 Edge. These custom ROMs will enable you to change the wa your phone looks and it’s a good thing. Most of these custom ROMs have some different types of unique features which might not be available in the normal stock ROM. However, if you want to try on these custom ROMs then you can follow these custom ROMs and install any of these in your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy S6

XtreStoLite Deodexed Mod Edition – Ultra light ROM

XtreStoLite Deodexed Mod EditionIf you are happy with the stock ROM of Samsung Galaxy S6 then this is going to be the best custom ROM for your S6. This will debloat your S6 and remove all the bloatware. It will also fix the annoying bugs that are in the TouchWiz. This is based on android 5.1.1. It supports different types of variants of S6 & S6 Edge. This is a very fast and stable ROM which is only 467MB. It will take only 1.1GB memory of your device which is super cool.

This is a super speedy custom ROM which has the System UI and launcher of TouchWiz. Let’s see some of the features of this app:

  • Removes bloatware which is 1.5GB in size
  • Unikernel
  • Boot animation is faster
  • Android 5.1.1
  • Fixed memory management
  • There is native call recording features

Download:  XtreStoLite Deodexed 

Source: XDA


Axis Rom

Axis ROMThis is tweaked custom ROM build for Samsung Galaxy S6. It has improved stability and enhanced performance. This is basically based on Stock operating system and it has Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. It has built in Pie controls support. means you can adjust most of the settings of this phone from one panel only. It has a much improved batter life. You use and do more tweaks to get the best out of this ROM. There are many tools integrated whihc can be used to tweak.

Download Axis ROM



CarHDROM V.5 is a custom ROM which will freshen up your Touchwiz theme with new theme. It features an inverted theme which is pretty decent in looking. There are useful features and useful customization ability possessed by this ROM. There are some other themes included in it too.


Notable Features:

  • Deoxed
  • Advance Power menu
  • Has center clock
  • Custom battery icon packed
  • Custom kernel to improve battery life
  • Custom boot animation

Download : CarHDROM V.5

SpaceX Mod

This custom ROM for Galaxy S6 is based on stock firmware. However, it is made in a way to provide high performance in different segment. There are lots of features like Adblock, Add toggles (Quick Settings Button), wifi hotspot, Ultra power saving, Smart Stay, Personal Mode ad many more tweaks which will increase the performance of the S6 and battery life.

Download : SpaceX Mod


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Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Alex-V Personal ROM

Alex-V Personal ROM

This is a no-frill custom ROM that you can have in your Galaxy S6 Edge. This debloated ROM comes with lots of features. There are many features in this app like power menu, Viper4Android, custom kernel, deodexed, optimised system apps, CSC tweaks and many more to explore.

Download : Alex-V Personal ROM



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