How To Prevent StageFright Virus On Android

StageFright Android Virus

There is a new virus in the Android block which can read, copy, move or delete all the data in your android smartphone with a simple text message. This new virus has been named as StageFright. Today we will teach you how to remove StageFright from Android smartphone.

Even though people are not concerned yet, but this is going to be a big issue for the android users. The fragmentation of android is so messed up that there are different types of OS, different variants, different types of manufacturers and etc. As of this , it is really tough for Google to give patch or ota for this. I am not blaiming Google for this but the official update or patch might be late for most of the users. As a result android users need to take action by now to save themselves.

Note that StageFright can infect your phone via multimedia message. If you have hangouts (which most of us do) and set it as a default messaging ap then you need to take some actions. Hangout is programmed to process a message when it receives it.

We got two process to prevent StageFright from attacking your android smartphone.

How To Prevent Stagefright Virus On Android

Method 1

In this process you need to change the default messaging app from “Hangouts” to “Messaging”. However, most of the phones don’t have “Messaging” and if you belong to that group then you need to see method 2.

Method 2

If you don’t have messagin or if you don’t wan to leave messaging then you have to follow this way. You need to “uncheck – Auto Retrieve MMS option . This sits in the Hangouts > Settings > SMS > Auto Retrieve MMS . This will prevent the virus from attacking or access to phone.

Special Note: Don’t open unknown multimedia messages in your phone


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