10 Top Best Selfie Sticks For Android, iPhone & GoPro

Top Best Selfie Sticks For Android, iPhone & GoPro
Selfies are becoming very popular day by day. It has already become very popular that almost everybody with a smartphone is taking selfie. Wherever you go , you will see that people are taking selfies. This is a trend which has been followed by the teens first ,but now a days everybody is taking selfies. People are not only taking selfies but they are taking selfies from different angle at different situations. There are different accessories to take amazing selfies too. Recently people are taking amazing selfies with selfie sticks. These selfies stick can hold the phone and thus you can take better selfies by accommodating more member or the scenario than before.

There are many selfie sticks on the market for android smartphones or tablets. These selfies sticks do work with the iPhone too. These are used via Bluetooth thus you press the button at a remote control and it takes selfies. Today we will share some of the best selfies in the market for smartphones. You may call these selfie sticks as monopod but the are here to stay in the market for long time.

You can grab a good selfie sticks from the list below and make your selfies more amazing. Don’t just ask people about what are the best selfie camera rather pick any of these selfie sticks and shoot some cool photos. If you want choose cheap selfie sticks then we got it covered also. We have mentioned selfie sticks for tablet also. There are also some cheap selfie sticks that we mentioned below. We have mentioned some premium selfie sticks also. However, if you want a strong selfie stick which can be used everyday then we have got it covered also. These are the best Bluetooth selfie stick. See the features and buy a perfect selfie sticks.

10 Top Best Selfie Sticks For Android, iPhone & GoPro

Extendable Universal Selfie Stick for Smartphone:  CamKix 40-inch with remote

This is one of the best selfie sticks on the market. It is a very light and compact selfie stick which will easily fit in your handbag. This selfie stick can go up to 11 inch long and when retracted it will fit in any small bag too. You can use it in short form or in long form to get better photos with people behind you. It’s head is adjustable at 180 degree meaning it can be adjusted to any specific shot you are taking.
It works with android and iOS. This connected with Bluetooth connection. You don’t have to set up any timer rather whenever you are ready you can take the shot.
  • Universal selfie stick
  • Can easily fit in a small bag
  • 180 degree head adjustable
  • can not handle extra pressure

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Best Light Selfie Stick For iPhone & Android : Sellfie

Best Light Selfie Stick For iPhone & Android -Sellfie
Sellfie is one of the premium selfie sticks available for the iPhone and android users. This telescoping selfie stick can extend up to 100cm. You can use Bluetooth to adjust the zooming and the shutter is in the handle. It is made of light weight carbon fiber . As a result this is very strong and stable at the same time. It is working fine with the iPhone and Android. Take amazing selfies or take amazing video with this amazing selfie stick. It’s fun. With this selfie stick you will get a free carrying bag and monopod also. What else you can ask for. Grab it now.
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Selfie Stick Without Bluetooth : Looq Wired Selfie Stick

Looq Wired Selfie Stick
This is quite different selfie sticks then other. It don’t need WiFi or Bluetooth connection rather connected by a wire. It has an app which is updating regularly t support more and more apps. it can be extended to 8.2 inches to 41.7 inches. It can hold phones less than 3.35 in width. It can help you to take wide pictures with more people or scenario. Just press the remote shutter and thus you will take amazing selfies. It has support for almost all major android phones and iPhone also.

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Adjustable Selfie Stick or Monopod For iPhone and Android:  Newisland Selfie Stick

Adjustable Selfie Stick Monopod Newisland
This is an amazing selfie stick available for the iPhone and Android. It is very easy to use and it is gorgeous. All you have to do is to pair it with the smartphone via Bluetooth and shoot photos. This selfie stick can go up to 40 inch wit 180 degree adjustable holder. It helps you to take different types of selfies from different angle. You will be getting this selfie stick, a USB cable. This has a 12 month warranty also. This selfie stick very fashionable looking.

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Best Selfie Stick For GoPro and Smartphone

Best Selfie Stick For GoPro
This selfie stick or monopod supports iPhone , major android phone and some GoPro devices too. This cellphone cradle allows you to shoot by attaching your WiFi remote controller. Extendable selfie stick works with iOS and android. It offers multiple position to chose from like 180 degree position. It can go from 17.5 inch to 48.5 inch long. It can make your shooting more awesome then you expect it to be.

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Best Selfie Stick To Hold Large Phone : Optikal SelfiePAL

Best Selfie Stick To Hold Large Phone Optikal SelfiePALThis is an amazing selfie stick for major android phones and iPhone. This is a cheap selfie stick for smartphones. It can be extended up to 3.5 feet. It’s phone hold can hold almost all phones. This is a pretty simple and straight forwarded selfie stick which asks you to pair with Bluetooth and take the photos comfortably. It can take selfies in different shooting angles via adjusting. If you are looking for a selfie stick which can hold big phones then this is the perfect selfie stick for you. It is the cheapest selfie stick ever. buy from amazon

Best Selfie Stick For Heavy Use: Everyday Selfie Stick

Best Selfie Stick For Heavy Use
This cheap selfie stick perfectly fits with almost all android and iPhones. It is created with durable material which makes this selfie stick popular. It’s battery lasts more than 100 hours. If you are tired of taking boring selfies then it is the time you need to step up and start taking more amazing selfies. It is very lightweight and very easy to use. You can take it anywhere you want and use with your android and iPhone. It is the best short selfie stick too. However, it can be extended up to 3.5 feet. buy from amazon

Best Universal Selfie Stick | Rugged Selfie Stick For

Best Universal Selfie Stick
This is an amazing selfie stick to capture photos. This selfie stick can be used with iPhone, GoPro, DSLR, camcorders. This is a very good option if you want to use this selfie stikc with many devices. You can take amazing photos with this selfie stick. Get the remote shutter device with it to connect android. This is compatibl with tripods also. It can be extended up to 36 inch. buy from amazon

Best Monopod Selfie Stick: Accmor Selfie Stick Monopod For iPhone & Android

Best Monopod Selfie StickThis is a hands free bluetooth stick or monopod. You can just put this on the table and capture a big picture of your whole family. It can be used with cell phone, GoPro, camera. This selfie stick can extend up to 39 inch . This is a lightweight selfie stick weighted at 137 grams. Shoot some amazing holiday or family picture or travel pictures. buy from amazon

Best Long Selfie Stick Kootech 

Best Long Selfie Stick Kootech

This is a light weight selfie stick which can be extended up to 38 inches. It has shutter controller, extendable pole, phone clamp and tripod leg too. If you are going on to trips then this is a very good option. People who are going to camping or running or wedding can be benefited from it. It is one of the best gift you can give to a selfie lover. It is compatible with most iPhone and android phone users. buy from amazon

 These are the best selfie sticks for android , iPhone and GoPro. Note that some of these selfie sticks works amazing with the GoPro. If you want a selfie sticks for your Galaxy S6 , Htc One M8 or M9 or any other android smartphones then these will do the charm for you. Get these amazing selfie sticks and shoot amazing pictures and videos.


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