Best App To Read Books on Android

I am a book lover. When I was young, I used to read books all the time. I remember those days when I stole money form my parents or worked at my summer vacation to gather money to buy books. I used to walk a long path just to save some money. Yes, I was that type of freak for books. Now a days technology is capturing the world and reading books on your smart-phone is becoming more popular than ever. Almost every books are releasing it’s e-version meaning the E-book. All the book publishers are promoting the E-book version of the books.

If you have an android then you can read all the E-books on your android device. If you have a large screen android then it will be better to read the books. There are many apps on android market which enables you to read the books easily. You can read the books and keep track or bookmark the pages. There are many features of these apps which which are only available in the digital books. Let’s see which are the best app to read books on android.

So what are the Best App To Read Books on Android?

1. Kindle


Kindle is developed y Amazon. Clearly one of the best e-book reader app for android. They started making Kindle e-reader in 2007 and become very popular within few days. People which are craving to read e-books always prefer kindle. You can purchase books from Amazon and sync with the kindle. It’s easy ,it’s fast and it’s fun to read books through Kindle. You have to have an amazon account to use this service. There are millions of books on the Amazon store from where you can purchase your desired book and read. You will find the books on the library and start reading any time you want.

Download: Amazon Kindle

2.Aldiko [Free]

Best reading apps for android -  aldiko

Aldiko is one of the leading e-book reader app for android. I am using this app for a long time and totally happy with it.


  • It supports EPUB , PDF and ADOBE encrypted E-Books
  • Library option
  • Customizable reading experience
  • Allows you to change the night or day mode
  • Allows font changing
  • In-app Shopping experience
  • Advanced library management system including tagging and category making
  • Global text searching

Download Aldiko

3. Wattpad:

WattPad - best app to read books on android

With more than millions of stories written by professional and noob authors it is one of the best book reader for android. You can search the popular genres to find the story you want to read.


  • Search stories by selecting theme or Genres
  • Clear and stable app to read books
  • Enable you to create story of your own
  • Sync between all the devices
  • Supports android wear
  • Off line reading of apps

Download Wattpad

4. Audible:

Audible : App to read books on android

Yes it’s a different types of reading app for android. People who are lazy to look through the line and want to listen to itself prefers this app. You can easily listen to many books.

An another amazing app by Amazon Company. Audible is unique. You can listen to your favorite books on your android. There are more than 150000+ titles available on the android device to listen. If you have too many things to read but little time to spend then this is your best choice. If you are going to gym or running or walking on the path then this app can help you a lot.

As Amazon Is the app you can assume that Amazon is working hard to convert popular books to Audible friendly which is a good sign for us. Even though it is slightly different types of book reading app for android yet I am loving it.


  • Free to use
  • Sync
  • Listen to more than 150000 titles on your android device
  • Access to audible store where you can purchase more premium books
  • Multitasking for background using
  • Audible newsfeed which allows more news to the authors

Download Audible

5. NOOK – Read Books & Magazines

Best app to read books on android

Nook is a app which is used for reading books and Magazines on android phone. It includes more the 3 million books including 1 million free books plu magazines,comics,newspapers.

It offers 14 days of free trail for any newspaper. You can even get two free Ebooks when you Install and register the NOOK app. Being one f the top reding app for android it is on a roll. There are many book samples and genre to chose from. It can sync your last page,bookmar or even notes where you left it. It syncs between all the devices.

How to read Epub files on android? Well Nook can do that.


  • Genre based category
  • Free subscription for 14 days to any newspaper
  • Portrait or landscape reading
  • Sync between all devices
  • Read EPub files and CBZ files
  • Read magazines beside news
  • Bookmark any page
  • Take notes

Download Nook 

6.  Google Playbooks and Playstand:

This is one of the best reading apps for android. Through Google Playstand you can read and discover many news and magazines you love. You can access these stories through your android app or tablet. There are free and paid both types of new publishers with vibrant and HD magazine available for users. I am sure that you will love them all. You can find the favorite types of news or blog in segmented in different categories.



All of these apps will help you to maintain your reading habit. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a trip or in your bed or in the subways , you can always read your favorite book or magazines. Use these best reading apps for your android.  Happy reading !!!


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