Best Snes Emulator for Android

Remember the Snes game system? Yah I am talking about the Nintendo

If you ever wanted to play the old Sness games then there are ways to play those games. Yes , I am not joking, you can play snes games on your android phone or tablet. Don’t feel nostalgic yet, ,because if you have an android phone then you can play Snes games on your android through the best Snes emulator for Android.


1. Snes9x EX+ : Free

SNES emulator for android

Snes9x EX+ can help you to play SNES games on your android phone. You have to legally own the SNES roms to play SNES games on your android phone. Remember that ROMS need to located through the app. Browse the rom files from the app and it will play the game. It is one of the most stable emulator of SNES for android. Just grab the SNES roms and play the games you want.

Download Snes9x EX+ 

2.SuperGNES Lite (SNES Emulator)

SNES emulator for android : Play snes games street fighter on your anroid

It is a free SNES emulator for android. It has many features compared to other SNES emulator for android.


  • Fast emulation
  • Features cover art
  • It has drop box cloud synchronization
  • Mouse support for few games
  • Turbo mode to fast forward the games
  • Multi player using wifi or Bluetooth (needs purchase of pro version)
  • Several skins including custom skins
  • Allows cheat code

Download SuperGNES Lite

3. SNESdroid:

Snesdroid : snes emulator for android

One of the best SNES emulator for android. If you are searching with how to play snes games on android then you need to check this app. This is a very stable app to play SNES games. It has almost all features need to play SNES games on android. It was updated in 2012 and after that no updates were available to the users. It means that there are few chances that the features will be withdrawn from the app. So it’s a free app to play SNES games for forever (depends on the developer). There might be some compatibility error because many new phones are available and new OS updates are coming regularly. However it is a must check for the user to play SNES games.

Download SNESdroid



These android app are very useful to play SNES games on your android smartphone or tablet. If you are having any trouble in using them please let us know in the comment box. If you found any other useful SNES emulator for android then let us know in the comment section also.


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