10 Best Apps for Kids [Free]

These 30 educational android apps for kid will help your kids to learn and grow creativity, gather knowledge. These android apps can help your kids to develop their skills in different segments. Some apps will help your kids to learn the alphabets and some will let them help to be a artist. Some of the apps can help them to understand the mathematics and some apps will help the kids to learn languages. Some of the apps even helps the kids to learn basics about music. These are the best apps for kids.

These are the best apps for kids. These apps will help your kids to learn alphabet,drawing,mathematics,recognize animals,sing songs. These are basically educational apps for kids. I hope you enjoy them. If you find any better apps than please share them with us.

Best apps for Kids:

1. Kids Numbers and Math [FREE]: Through this app kids will learn maths,counting,adding,subtracting,compare numbering and other math stuff. This is a good android app for kids to learn math. This app is Download Here

2. ABC for Kids All Alphabet Free : One of the best apps for your kids to learn English alphabets. It includes A-Z with pronunciation and real sound. It’s one of the best app to teach your kids alphabet. Download here

3. PicsArt for Kids: This app will help your toddler to draw and color different animals and objects. Your child can color dinosaurs,houses,princess and etc.It is specially optimized for tablet  Download here

4. Kids Coloring Book: This app provides a coloring book for your kid. This coloring app for kids will help your kids to know the colors and grow their creativity. They have to use their brain and think to perfectly color the images. There is a free background for your kid to draw anything they want. This android app is tablet optimized. Download here

5. Kids Shapes (Preschool)
This app will help your kids to understand the shapes of object. It has different types of shapes from circle to square. It teaches the kids with different types of real life objects. This app is designed for the preschoolers and kindergarten aged children. Download Here

best apps for kids

best free apps for kids

6. Learning Colors: This app will help the kids with learning color. It is a very simple learning game for kids which includes different types of color with different types of objects. The colors are portrayed in different languages also. It has English,French & Spanish with basic colors. It’s interface is simple , so that the kids can use it easily. Only problem is that it gives pain with the ads. Download here

7. Animal Sounds Games for kids: This app provides high quality animal sounds and pictures for kids. You can even create your own flashcards. It’s basically a little zoo in your child’s pocket. The sound of the animals are perfect and your child can tap screen to hear and see the animals. They can go to next by tapping the screen. It is one of the best educational apps for kids under kindergarten. It has different types of animals in the list including pets to reptiles. It’s pro version includes more animals. Download Here

8.Coloring Kids: Coloring Kids is an app for kids learn coloring. It has zoom-in and zoom-out options. Your child will be amazed with the background sound also. It can has great graphics design and it can be saved to edit later. Download Here

9. Read Me Stories: Kids’ Books: This app consists stories which you will read to your child. This provides a new book every day. These are actually bedtime stories. Your child even learn to read the stories by him or herself. It will even help your child to format a sentence. This app is trusted by more than 5 million parents.  Download Here

10.Kids Story Book Songs – FREE: In order to improve your kids preschooling skills you can use this app. This is a fantastic story book for kids. This app consists 13 stories for your child to read. Your child will improve their reading and singing skills. Your child will enjoy the popular nursery rhyme songs . It focuses on providing big and bright pictures which attracts the kids. The characters on this app will animate in some ways if touched. Download Here

I would say that all parents should have these apps for their kids. If you have any other apps that are helpful for your kids then please share them with us.


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