Download Ported Xperia Z5 Premium Walkman App

Download Ported Xperia Z5 Premium Walkman App

I have always wanted to use the Xperia Z5 premium Walkman music app on my android phone. Today I am sharing the ported Walkman music app to your android phone. A senior member ( androidexpert35) from XDA forum has ported the sound libraries from the famed Walkman music with he latest build from the Xperia Z5.

Xperia Z5 Premium

Important Note:

  • In order to install this SoundMod in your device you need to flash it through the custom recovery like TWRP. This mod will work on almost all of the android device running on android lollipop or above. You have to have TWRP recovery to flash it.
  • Please note that you warranty may be void if you try to install custom packages in your device. Check before using this tutorial. We are any way liable for any kidn of damages to your android .

Download Ported Xperia Z5 Premium Walkman App

  • Xperia Z5 SoundMod — Download : peria_Z5_Premium_Walkman™


  • Your android device need to be running on lollipop or marshmallow
  • You need to have TWRP installed in your device
  • Have proper drivers installed in your PC so you can transfer the files
  • Charge your phone to at least 70%
  • Take a proper backup of all your important data (in case if anything goes wrong)

How to Port Xperia Z5 Premium Walkman

  • At first you have to download the Sound Mod from the download link provided above
  • Now , you need to transfer it to the android devices internal storage. Place it somewhere you can easily locate
  • After doing that you need to reboot into the custom recovery (Like TWRP). In order to get into the TWRP you need to turn off your device first then press& hold Volume Down & power keys at the same time. You will see TWRP logo meaning you are booted in to the recovery mode
  • Note that, you should take a nandroid backup . This is to make sure if anything goes wrong, you can restore current settings. To take a backup you need to tap on the backup option in TWRP and then select all the partitions including the System, Data , Boot, Recovery , EFS and swipe right whenever appropriate, to backup
  • Now, let’s go to the TWRP main menu or the home screen and tap on the install option. Now navigate to the folder where you have the SoundMod fiel and select it.
  • Now, Swipe the confirmation button to proceed with the installation. The ROM will be installed
  • Right after the installation, reboot to the system

Now you can enjoy the new Walkman Music app. However, if you face any kind of trouble you can always go back to the previous ROM from the backup we create few steps back. Enjoy !


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