5 Best Calculator App for Android


Who doesn’t need a calculator? We all need calculator for different purposes. It’s not possible to carry the calculator all the time. But you can always carry your android phone with you and use your android phone as calculator. In this thread we will show you some of the good calculators on the android market. These are the top 5 best calculator app for android.


1. Myscript Calculator:

Myscript calculator is popular for general use. If you want to do some normal calculations then this is the best calculator for you. It is a free app and it allows you to write on the screen and then it converts it to a function and gives you the answer. It allows you to use your handwriting to perform mathematical calculations. It will be better if you have a big screen. This app allows scratch out gestures meaning you can delete the symbols and numbers. You can use it in portrait or in landscape mode. This calculator app is good enough for normal and general usage.

MyScript Calculator

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 2. Calculator ++

I am pretty sure that you have already installed this on your android. However, if not then you should know that it is a very popular calculator app for android. This is an scientific calculator app for android. You can do basic and advanced calculations on this app. You can use it’s widget, so that you can use it straight from the home screen. It can be used to generate graphs also. SO if you are looking for a calculator app to make graphs of equations then it is one of the best. You can see the history of the calculations and undo or redo hem.

Calculator ++

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3. CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator

I am mentioning this app because this calculator app is one of the best designed calculator available for android. So if you want a good looking and organized calculator then this should be the calculator app you are using.

calculator app for android

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4. Simple Unite Converter

Ever wanted to convert meter to feet? If you faced any hassle then this app will help you to get rid of those hassle. You can use this app to convert simple units in the easiest way possible. I know Google does the simple unit conversion but what about the complex unit conversion problems? This app is expert in  handling those type of actions. It’s dashboard has some options but it has a variety of options available for free.

Simple Unit Converter

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5.  Calculator Plus

This app is best for people who are looking for bigger icons. Even though it’s not for me but I am pretty sure that elderly people will love this app. Downside is that like other calculators it is not free. It will cost you $0.99 only.

Best Calculator App for Android

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