7 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case

Samsung’s Note series are very popular. They are the pioneer in the phablet trend and Note searies are there weapon. Note 4 is the latest device on the market.  Currently it is competing in market with the iPhone 6 Plus. If you are a proud owner of the Note 4 then you might need some beautiful cases to protect it from any physical damage. Note 4 is an expensive and beautiful handset and that is why you need to protect it from any type of damages. There are many cases available for Galaxy Note 4 but these are the finest one in my opinion.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case

1. Slim armor by spigen : case foe Samsung Galaxy Note 4

best case for Samsung galaxy Note 4

One of the best slim case for the Galaxy Note 4.


  • It is made of TPU+Polycarbonate meaning dual protection
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Lightweight
  • Fully fitted with Note 4
  • Advanced shock absorption technology
  • Designed to protect is from scratches while laying on table
  • Available in different color

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2. OtterBox Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Defender [ Glacier White] 

best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

One of the robust cases for Note 4. it’s simple and it offers a great durability and usability. With the 3 layer protection it is really hard to make any damage to the handset.


  • Offers three layer protection from drops ,bumps and shock
  • It has built-in screen protector which works against scratches
  • Has belt-clip holster
  • Helps to protect Note 4 from dust

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3. CandyShell Grip Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Best case for galaxy note 4

This is One of the coolest Case for Galaxy Note 4. It is tested with a military grade drop test. Available in Black & White it must be a choice of yours.


  • Tested with military drop test where after the test handset remains still functional. It is dropped on a hard surface in this test.
  • It has a rubberized cover shield
  • Sleek design
  • Dual layer protection along with a screen protecting CamdyShield faceplate
  • Has hard shell coupled with a shock absorbing lines and corners

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4. Bumper Case By supcas

Bumper Case for Note 4

It is a cheap and effective case for Samsung galaxy Note 4. It is only $7.99 which is affordable for everybody.


  • Ultra slim and light weight
  • Anti scratch
  • Protects back and other side of the Note 4
  • Full access to camera lens, power button, microphone or headphone jack.
  • No need to remove the cover to charge or connect the phone

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5. Verus Thor Series : Case for Note 4

Verus Galaxy Note 4 Case

Thor !!! yahh. It is strong like the Thor !!! It is one of the strongest cases available for galaxy Note 4.


  • Designed specially for Note 4
  • Slim and tough
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Extra padded on the four corners for extra protection
  • Beautiful mat finish
  • Rubberized edges
  • Inner shock absorption layer

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6. Cush Case for Galaxy Note 4

Best flip case for Note 4

It’s a flip case for Galaxy Note 4.


  • It has transparent window to view the alerts
  • Prevents edge stripping
  • Flexible poly urethane shell for protection

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7. Mesh Metallic Slim Fit Skin Cover for Note 4

It is a metallic mash silver colored cover for Note 4.

Metallic mesh Galaxy Note 4 case


  • Fully compatible with the Note 4
  • Material is Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Dust and scratch proof
  • Compatible with microphone,ear phone jack, camera lens, button

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Conclusion :

These are he best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases. Read the features carefully to find out that which one serves your criteria. These cases can help you to keep your Note 4 beautiful and unharmed. Beside that these cases will make your Note 4 mor beautiful with their stunning look.


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