7 Best fitness apps for android

Best Fitness apps for Android

It is hard to keep the fitness you have for a long time. Good health is a gift from god and you have to workout or follow some steps everyday to be healthy. There are many fitness apps on the android market for users but not all of them are good. We are in a hunt to find the best fitness app for the user. We believe that these apps can help you to be fit. Through these apps you can

  1. Track your walking,running,cycling
  2. Measure your heart rate
  3. Workout for you
  4. Make six pack abs for free
  5. Free Workout video
  6. Yoga practice
  7. Diet app
  8. Food calorie checker


Best fitness apps for android

1. Instant Heart Rate (Free)

instant heart rate app for android

One of the best heart rate monitoring app of the playstaore. This is a must have app to check your heart rate. It claims to be the most accurate heart rate monitor app for android phone. All you need to do is place your finger on the camera and within a couple of seconds your heart rate will be shown on the screen.


  • Measures the heart rate
  • Real time PPG graph means you can hear every beat you make
  • Offers cardio workout monitoring

Note: It will work better if your phone has a flash.

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2. Endmondo Sports Tracker ( $3.91)

Endmondo Sports Tracker

 Endmondo Sports Tracker is a very popular fitness app for android . No matter whether you are running or walking or just cycling this app can help you to keep track of your distance and the time you took to do. There is an audio coach who will help you to be motivated. This app has an feature where you can compete with friends or complete strangers. It has route maps which will help you to find new places for workout.

You can challenge yourself through this app. It tracks your fitness and analyzes the performance of your workrates. Through the social option you can be social also. All the datas are stored in the www.endmondo.com profile. It is a paid app which will cost you only $3.91 and it’s worthy.


  • Track walking,running,cycling distance and time
  • Analyze the performances
  • Challenge yourself or with strangers
  • Profile at Endmondo website
  • Social activity

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3. Sworkit (Free)

sworkit fitness app for android

Sworkit is a beautiful and effective app for working out. This app does not have the same exercises rather has some unique and interesting videos. It is available for both Android & iOs. If you skipped your gym time for some other inevitable work or other stuff or you are unable to got gym then this app surely can help you to stay fit. There are some preset workouts for you and you can add some custom workout made by you. It is like a trainer in your pocket.

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 4. Pocket Yoga ($2.99)

Pocket Yoga

If you want to do yoga practive then you need to check this app. This app helps the user to carry around the Yoga Studio in there pocket. It has detailed voice and video instructions for the users in various poses with complete writeup of the benefits of the move. There are three different types of practices with different difficulties and durations. It tracks your exercises and progress for the future usage or reference.

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5.  Runtastic Six Pack abs

six pack abs android app

If you are interested to get a sixk pack abs then this is a must have. It’s free. Yes totally free workouts for you. I am using this and I am eagerly waiting to show the curves to the ladies. Lol , I am just joking. However, this app has several workouts for free to help you to achieve a six pack ab. It is a 10 week long workout to get the six pack abs. It has a variety of workout options to choose from. There are difficulty levels to choose from which might expedite the abs woriking. Additionally it helps you to loss your weight.

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6. Fitocracy

Fitocracy Android Fitness

Another best fitness app for android. It motivates you to be fit and healthy. There approach is to make the fitness achieving as fun and they are really good into it. You can use there workout tracker to earn points and level up. There are quests to complete. No it’s not a game but a game like working process. You can make friends at fitocrats and be social. This app is quite popular and free for the users. I would recommend it to you.

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7. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (Free)

calorie counter android app

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is the easiest way to check the calorie of the food you are taking. They have a directory of 3000000+ foods database of global food items. This is the best diet app for android. You can set goals and use there exercise option to do exercise. You can connect with friends also. It generates reports according to your eating style and helps you to remove extra fat off your body.

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It is a gift of god to have a healthy body and it is your duty to remain health and fit. There are many fitness apps available in the market. These are the best fitness apps for android in my opinion. If you found any good fitness app for android please don’t hesitate to inform us. We will be happy to update the post. Walk, run or do cycling , do workout , eat properly and have a healthy life.


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