How to connect wireless xbox controller to android

It is really easy to connect the Xbox controller with android. For the wired Xbox controller visit this thread : CLICK

In order to connect the WIRELESS Xbox controller with your android you need these things:

  1.  Wireless control receiver for OTG cable
  2. OTG cable
  3. Rooted device

Step 1: Plug the Wireless control receiver into OTG cable

Step 2: Plug the OTG cable to the android device


Here is a picture of otg cable:

OTG cable

OTG cable


OTG with wireless receiver

REF: http://www.booyagadget.com/

OTG with wireless receiver:  


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How to connect Xbox controller to Android - 9 years ago

[…] However in order to connect the Xbox Wireless controller you need to visit this thread: CLICK HERE […]

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