How to Play Mame games in Android

Play Mame games in android

I am feeling nostalgic to write this post. I can still feel those days when I used to play arcade games for hours. Playing mame games in android is easy to set up. Follow the steps and you will be playing those mame games in your android phone or tablet. Mame4Droid is an mame emulator for android which allows almost all mame games to be played in android devices.

How to Play Mame games in Android

  1. Go to google playstore and download the MAME4droid (0.37b5) 
  2. Install the application
  3. Download the ROMS for the game you want to play (See this thread for the list of websites who provide ROMS for FREE CLICK HERE)
  4. Do not extract the ROM files, keep them as ZIP
  5. Copy the ROM files to ROMs/MAME4all/roms
  6. Launch MAME4Droid and play the games you want 🙂

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