Facebook Introduces Hello the Android Only Social Caller ID APP

Hello Facebook Android App

Tired of receiving calls from unknown callers? Don’t worry Facebook got you covered. Facebook’s new app Hello can instantly match phone numbers of unknown callers. It will show you who you are talking to, block calls from commonly blocked numbers & search for businesses to call. Facebook is rolling out Hello for public testings in US ,Brazil & Nigeria. One thing that need to be mentioned is that it is only for android users as iOS doesn’t allow apps to interact with phone callse. So iOS users have to wait for Hello, just in case Facebook can manage any way to handle this issue.

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Hello’s smart caller ID feature will give you the option to pick a unknown call by showing their Name and profile picture. However, that caller need to have their keep the default privacy settings which allows people to search them using phone number. Than you will see the public info or the infor they share with you & public like the city, employer, website & more. Don’t panic !!! Nothing is changing in Facebok Policy. Hello is just running a graph search when you are receiving calls based on public info.


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