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The Google Pixel Fold has arrived, indicating that there’s more than one major player in the realm of foldable phones. Google’s first foldable phone has been released with high anticipation, especially since Samsung is also set to unveil its fifth foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 5​1​.

The Pixel Fold stands out with its sleek design — it’s the thinnest foldable phone currently available. It comes with a wide cover display that’s easy to use and Pixel-grade cameras. However, with the starting price of $1,799, the Pixel Fold doesn’t come cheap​1​.

Release Date

Google Pixel Fold pre-orders began on May 10, 2023, with the broad release date scheduled for June 27, 2023. However, the shipping date for Google’s first folding phone has been pushed back from June 27 to between July 3 and July 7, suggesting that Google might have underestimated demand for the Pixel Fold​1​.


The Pixel Fold price starts at $1,799 for the 256GB model and goes up to $1,919 for the 512GB variant. However, customers who pre-ordered the Pixel Fold through AT&T and signed up for three years of AT&T service could enjoy a substantial 50% discount, bringing the cost of the Pixel Fold down to $900​1​.


The Pixel Fold comes with a cover display of 5.8 inches OLED (2092 x 1080) and a main display of 7.6 inches OLED (2208 x 1840). Both screens have a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The CPU is the Tensor G2, with 12GB of RAM. Storage options include 256GB and 512GB. It has a 48MP (f/1.7) main camera, 10.8MP ultrawide (f/2.2), and 10.8MP telephoto (5x optical zoom) rear cameras. The front camera is 9.5MP (f/2.2), and the inner camera is 8MP (f/2.0). It supports 4K video recording up to 60 fps and has a battery size of 4,821 mAh with wired charging speed of 30W and wireless charging. The Pixel Fold is available in two colors: Obsidian and Porcelain​1​.

What Sets the Pixel Fold Apart

Google claims that the Pixel Fold has the thinnest profile of any foldable, measuring just 6.2 x 5.5 x 0.2 inches when open. In terms of durability, Google says that the Pixel Fold has the most durable hinge available. The 180-degree fluid friction hinge improves dust resistance and allows the device to be rated for up to 200,000 folds. Additionally, the Pixel Fold is IPX8 rated, so it can withstand a spill or rain​1​.

Another major differentiator is the Pixel Fold’s front display. The 5.8-inch OLED cover display uses a fairly wide aspect ratio of 17.4:9​1​. This aspect ratio provides a smoother swiping and scrolling experience, allowing users to get more out of the Pixel Fold’s front screen.

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The Google Pixel Fold will initially be available in the U.S., UK, Germany, and Japan, and will be available through all three major carriers in the U.S. In addition, pre-orders of the Google Pixel Fold include a free Google Pixel Watch, which is valued at $349. The Google Store in the U.S. is offering generous trade-in bonuses, potentially making it the best place to purchase the Pixel Fold​1​.

Unique Features and Design

The Pixel Fold’s design unfolds in a book-like fashion to reveal a large 7.6-inch display, similar to the Galaxy Z Fold series. However, Google’s design is actually quite different from what Samsung offers. The hinge of the Pixel Fold also enables tabletop mode, which allows for hands-free usage when watching videos, taking photos, or conducting video calls. Like the flex mode on the Galaxy Z Fold series, users will get controls on the bottom half and the main content area up top​1​.


The Pixel Fold is powered by the Google Tensor G2 chipset, the same as the one in the Google Pixel 6. The Tensor G2 allows for faster machine learning operations and better computational photography capabilities. The Pixel Fold supports 4K video recording at up to 60 frames per second. Additionally, the Pixel Fold’s battery is sizable at 4,821 mAh and supports 30W wired charging and wireless charging, ensuring that you won’t be left powerless when you need a quick charge​2​.

Main Display

The main 7.6-inch OLED display of the Pixel Fold is noteworthy because it uses a more square-like aspect ratio than its competitors, providing a more expansive and immersive user experience. This is a key factor in how the Pixel Fold differentiates itself from other foldable phones in the market​5​.

The Google Pixel Fold represents a major step forward in the world of foldable technology, with Google putting its own spin on the foldable phone concept. Its unique design, impressive specs, and premium price point position it as a significant player in the high-end foldable phone market.

As always, prospective buyers should consider their specific needs and budget when purchasing a new device. With its innovative design and high-end features, the Google Pixel Fold is a compelling option for those interested in experiencing the latest foldable phone technology.

Stay tuned to the official Google announcements and trusted tech news outlets for the latest updates and in-depth reviews.


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