Google Play alternative for android

Google Play alternative appstore for android

In many countries Google is banned which means that Google Playstore is banned also. There are many reasons that why you might be looking for Google Play alternative and I won’t blame you. There are handsets where Google Playstore is not installed and it is really hard to install GooglePlay in those android devices. Some of these alternatives might provide premium apps for free as a promotion of their market. Let’s see the Google Play alternative.

Google Play alternatives

Appbrain- Google Play Alternatives

1. AppBrian:

AppBrain is the second largest market for android users.It has almost all popular and important apps and game for android. You can install apps from the market or you can download the APK in computer or in your android device. AppBrain has a very user friendly search option.You can find the apps or games easily.



Google Play alternative

Appstore for android


2. Getjar for android:

Getjar is another popular app market for android. Getjar consists many apps for android. You can filter the app upon your preferances. There are different categories where the apps lies. One thing to remember that there are different operating systems apps are on Getjar. In order to get the android apps only ou need to go to their website through your android and install their app. There are points systems in Getjar which will allow you to get premium apps for free.

Website: Getjar


appstore for android

Getjar: Alternative of Google Play


Amazon appstore: alternative appstore of android

Amazon Appstore for android

3. Amazon Appstore for android:

Perhaps you already know that Amazon has a appstore for android which can work as a Playstore  alternative. There are thousands of free and premium apps for android users They often provides discount on paid apps and sometimes they even offer them for free.That’s an amazing thing for the android users to get paid app for free. The amazon appstore for android is wel designed. As a result searching is easy for the users. Go to the website mentioned below and follow the procedures to install Playstore. Kindle  users have this preinstalled in their device.

Website: Amazon appstore for android


amazon appstore for android

amazon appstore – alternative of Google App Market

4. OnlyAndroid:

Owned by MobiHand’s they are one of the smallest yet popular appstore for android. You can check their appstore for hot deals or discount on android apps. They offer the biggest discount on android games and apps. Visit them and see if they have something for you.

Download OnlyAndroid

5 F-Droid:

Another alternative for Google Play is F-Droid. You can visit the website link below and download the app from there. This app provides free apps and open source software.These apps can be used or modified by anybody since they are open source software. It is funded by donations. Bad thing is that they don’t have any ratings system like other appstores.


6. AppsLib:

AppsLib offers app for android tablet only. So it’s like the only appstore for android tablet. You have to create an account in their website to see their offerings. Publishers are allowed to submit apps for tablets only. Drawback of this site is that they have few brands enlisted on their site.Any ways a nice collection for android tablet users.


7. 1Mobile Market:

1MobileMarket is another alternative of official android market where you can grab recent apps and games. There have a huge range of apps and games for android. Best part of this android appstore is that the downloading process is rather easy than other. You have to consider that this appmarket is new and has some lackings for that. However they are working hard to cop up with this situation.



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