How to Boot into LG G4 Recovery Mode

How to Boot into LG G4 Recovery Mode

LG G4 is an awesome handset with powerful specification. LG has been trying their best to penetrate the market with it’s beautifully crafted smartphones. LG G4 is becoming very popular in the market because of the aesthetic value and brilliant specifications.

In order to go to the recovery mode, you are requested to install a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM first. Otherwise it will factory reset the device. It’s better to install a TWRP/CWM custom recovery in your LG G4 , so that you can store your data.


  • Have a custom recovery TWRP/CWM installed in your LG G4
  • This process is only for LG G4
  • How to Boot Into Recovery Mode In LG G4 using Hardware button

How to Boot into LG G4 Recovery Mode

Step 1: Install custom recovery in your LG G4. Otherwise this process will factory reset your phone and will wipe all data,device,games,settings.

Step 2: In order to go to the Recovery Mode on LG G4, at first Power Off your device. After that wait for 6-7 seconds after the display goes off

Step 3: Ok, now PRESS and HOLD Volume down + Power button at the same time for 5-10 seconds till the LG logo appears

Step 4: When you see the LG logo appears , release Power Button for 1 seconds and again hold it back

Step 5: Now a white screen with some options will be visible

Step 6: Now use the Volume Up & down to navigate to select Yes or Nor. Press power button to chose the option

Step 7: Now your LG G4 will boot into recovery mode

Remember that stock Recovery mode of LG G4 is used to do a factory reset. However, if there is custom recovery installed then it will boot up into the TWRP,CWM or other custom recovery installed.

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