How to Fix Auto Rotate On Nexus 7 Tablet

Google has been trying their best to provide the best services via Nexus devices. Nexus devices are amazing in different horizon. These cool devices has brilliant specifications with awesome features. However, these Nexus devices has some problems also.

I am a proud owner of Nexus 7 2013 owner. I am in love with my Nexus 7. Even though it’s 2015 yet it is one of the best android tablet around the market. There are some problems in this device also.

Recently I updated my Nexus 7 to Lollipop 5.1.1 and faced a problem. My device has stopped auto rotating. I searched a lot and found that the Gyroscope / Accelerometer is the reason why the auto rotate works in android phone. I have found that the Gyroscope / Accelerometer has stopped working.

How to Check Whether Gyroscope or accelerometer has stopped in Android Device

There is an app named AndroSensor which can be used to check the sensors of your android. By the way this app is free.

Important Note: Please check whether your auto rotation is turned off or on the settings, check it 🙂 . And do a reboot first 🙂

There are some methods on How to Fix Auto Rotate On Nexus 7 Tablet. We will show you 9 ways you can fix the auto rotate problem on Nexus 7. Sometime is occurs when you upgrade your Nexus 7 into the lollipop and sometimes for other issues. Let’s see how we can stop this auto rotate problem on Nexus 7.

How To Fix Auto Rotate Problem In Nexus 7 Android Device

Method 1 : Just try a reboot. Sometimes reboot does the work .

Method 2 : Soft Reset Your Android Device. In order to do that you need to press the power button for long time and you will see the android phone switching off and then turning on again

Method 3 : Uncheck and recheck the box of Auto rotate . See if this works.

Method 4 : Do a factory reset in your android Nexus 7. Factory reset does not work all time. Sometimes it works temporarily for 24 hours or few hours and then stops working. I know it might sound funny but it does not works all time. Sometimes it works for first boot then it stops working. If that happens follow the other methods.

Method 5 : Clear the cache of Nexus 7 

One of the best way to solve this problem is to clear the cache of Nexus 7.

How to Wipe the cache partition

1. At first turn off your Nexus 7
2. Now press and hold the volume down & power keys at the same time for 10 seconds
3. You will see an android robot lying on it’s back will appear
4. Now press the Volume Down key twice until “Recovery Mode” appears on the screen.

5. Now to go to the “Recovery Mode” through restarting press the Power Key
6. You will see an image of an android with red triangle
7. Now, press the Power Key & Volume Up key simultaneously.
8. Now Use your volume key and navigate to “Wipe data cache partition” and the use the power key to select it

Method 6: Going into Safe Mode

Sometimes this problem can be caused by a particular app. Sometimes these third party keyboard application can be the cause behind these problems. To solve these, boot your android device into the Safe Mode. In order to boot your Nexus 7 into the safe mode you need to hold the power button while the screen is on, then long press on the Power Off option and then tap on the Safe Mode. Now check whether auto rotate is working. You can be sure now that an app is causing this problem. Now you have to check manually per app that which app is causing this problem.

Method 7: Remove the Flip case if you are using one

Sometimes the flip case you use, uses a magnetic material to wake up the tablet from sleep. This might cause the problem sometimes. You should remove the case from the tablet and check it.

Method 8 :

Try this method if others are not working. At first turn down your Nexus 7 completely. Now out it down on a flat surface. Wait one minute and the gently press the “N” and “S” letter of “Nexus” . Now boot your device. Check whether auto rotate is working or not.

Method 9:

If none of this worked, then your device might have a hardware issue. Try to go to the customer service or return if warranty available. Some people fixed it y themselves by opening the device but I will advice to take help from the professionals.

This is our guide on how to fix auto rotate on nexus 7. Please let us know about which method worked for you.

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Chris - 7 years ago

I have tried all methods and none work. The screen will rotate if forced to by an app, but not automatically when turned. Very annoying.

Peter - 7 years ago

Nexus 9 Tablet Auto Rotation Fix

Try the following link: it works!



Check first that “Auto-rotate” is turned “on”, and does NOT work. Then:

1. Go the apps screen
2. Open up: Google
3. Got settings: top left three bars, the “settings”
4. Select Now Cards
5. Under Show Cards: De-select (turn off “Show Cards”)
6. Turn off Nexus 7, and Restart.
7. Make sure “Auto-rotate” is turned on.
8. Auto-rotation will work again! (on most Nexus 7 tablets?, if it still does not work, “uninstall” Google Now all

together, and reboot. If you re-install Google Now later, and set it up, and reboot,”Auto-rotate will still work)
9. No need to tinker with the hardware, and open the tablet!
10. Spread the word.

Technical details:

When Autorotate does not work:
All my tablets are running Android version 6.0.1.
Kernel build: 3.4.0-g09a22c6
android-build@wpdv14.hot.corp.google.com #1
Wed Apr 20 00:06:25 UTC 2016
Build Number: MOB30M

1. Download and install: Check My Android.
2. Open the App
3. Select: “Sensor”
4, You will see that the following sensors are disabled, or do not work:
1. MPL Accelerometer
5. MPL Gyroscope
7. MPL Gyroscope
5. Turn off the “Now” cards in Google, as above
6. “Auto-rotate will work again.
7. Sensors 1, 5, and 7. will work again.
8. Interesting note:
If you turn on the “Now” cards again, in Google. Power down the tablet and resart. The “Auto-rotate” keeps on

working (ONLY ON SOME NEXUS 7 TABLETS (I have 5 of them, some work, some not)), and all sensors show OK? For now at

least!!! No idea why??
To play it safe, just turn of the “Now” cards, (or uninstall Google Now), and reboot!!

20 June 2016

y - 7 years ago

thanks for these ideas. would it be possible to give some more specific instructions about #6 – the safe mode. how does one try app by app to see if its the cause – open apps in safe mode and then see if one stops the rotate from working? Once i find the app – does it mean that i cant use it any more if i want rotation to happen – or might deleting and re-installing help? thanks for any more idea.

Thomas - 7 years ago

Method 5: Clearing the cache partition worked for me. Thanks!!!


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