How to Disable Guest or Multi User Accounts Feature on Lollipop

Guest and multi User accounts is an awesome feature of android phone. It is very highlighted in Android 5.0 lollipop. However, there are some people who might not have the clear idea of how to delete the multi user account and guest account. If you are one of the people who want to remove the guest user accounts on their phone should be benefited from this thread.

This problem was raised by a user on reddit who wanted to disable the multi-user accounts on their kid’s phone to not allow them to create new user accounts which can’t be monitored. However, an another user from reddit also provided the solution.


Your android phone need to be rooted

How to Disable Guest or Multi User Accounts Feature on Lollipop

Step 1: At-first you need to disable all the existing multi-user and guest accounts from the android device

Step 2: Install a file manager which allows root access, you can use ES File Explorer app

Step 3: Install a SQLite editor¬†which allows root access. It’s paid and it will cost you $2.99.

Step 4: Open ES file explorer, enable the Root Explorer from the tools. Now navigate to system/folder and then open the build prop file with the paid app ES Note Editor

Step 5: On the build prop file, go to the bottom and find this line


Step 6: Let’s save the file and close the file manager

Step 7: Now, open the SQLite editor app, navigate to /data/data/ and open the settings.db file

Step 8: Now open the Global Table , locate the entry ‘guest_user_enabled‘ and chage the value to zero

Step 9: After doing this save and exit the SQLite editor app

Step 10: Reboot your android phone

Voila !!! Guest and Multi-User account features are disabled in your android phone.


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